Thoughts on a new year — 12 Comments

  1. I have decided that the scientific fact of the solstice is far more significant than arbitrary dates!

    • I couldn’t agree more.  The year should start on the Solstice which would make today the 12th of January.  I know the actual Solstice varies slightly from year to year but taking an average [currently 21st December] would work a lot better.

  2. As one of those who are also no longer gainfully employed the new year does require a bit of thinking on my part as well as on the part of my wife who changes the many calendars we have hanging about the house. For me it’s ensuring I write the correct date (year) in my check book and on a check as well. I find it very inconvenient when a check comes back to me because it was dated for 12 months prior.

    Considering my mental capabilities of late, the above takes quite a bit of concentration as you might imagine.

    Here’s to another twelve months, no matter what they may bring.

  3. A couple of weeks ago I resolved finally to sit down and learn some things I have been meaning to learn for years. I have spent most evenings of the last decade watching increasingly inane Bavarian cop shows and slowly i can feel what little is left of my brain,after decades of industrial grade alcoholism, ossifying. Of the 2 subjects I am attempting  one was German shorthand and the other Old English. I started the shorthand a while back and the AngloSaxon I started today, not because the day is in anyway auspicious but simply because i have spent what free time I have these last weeks trawling through google, youtube and various *cough* piratical sources to find learning materials. Last night I located a copy of a text book I have been meaning to use and after faffed around with the ipad1 was then ready to commence this morning.

    Unfortunately OE seems to attract the whole EDL/English shield wall/BrexSShiteur nutters or as my brother put it recently (he took OE, Celtic and Old Norse at Uni…which probably explains why he lives a friendless life on the shores of some scotch loch or the other):” i’m bemused at the popularity of a language indisputably brought by European immigrants who really took over a country and destroyed a culture with a bunch of idiots who think the Eu is doing the same.”


    • History has been altered for hundreds of years to suit the ruling classes, invention of the anglo saxons to suit a german monarchy, well it has according to a welsh historian ….a bit like america where any old bones found   the indians claim them… a bit like the bible also altered to suit….


    We always remember my wife’s late father who died at New Year. Tends to dampen her spirits a wee bit as they were very close.

    I envy her the closeness that I never had…

  5. And a happy new orbit to you, too, with as little wind as possible, literally as figuratively … 😉

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