Suffering from wind — 8 Comments

    • Ours comes either from Trumpland [very fucking wet] or from the North Pole [very fucking cold].  It must be very windy here because they keep rattling on about yellow warnings and orange warnings, with the odd red warning thrown in for luck.

      Love the photograph.  Are smokers in Norfolk now zoo specimens?  Are you a protected species in danger of extinction?

      • Ours comes either from Trumpland [very fucking wet]

        I thought the wind from Trumponia was all hot air and orange coloured (which is kinda cool I suppose)?

  1. I always had this problem with heights–I hated them. I get shaky on the top rung of a short step ladder never mind at the top of an long extension ladder. But I also have a stubborn streak that outweighed any phobia I had–that aforementioned fear of heights for one.

    So I’d force myself to climb the extension ladder that leaned up against a 4 story house (back when I was younger-ish and stupid) when I was out on a roofing job with a friend of mine rather than have some other young idiot do it, climbed the highest mast of a Navy frigate to copy the data of the brass plaque attached to the fire control radar (using both hands of course) and other such stunts involving ludicrous heights.

    Did it help? Did I conquer my fear of heights? No I didn’t–probably made it worse. So there’s one bonus of having service related (physical) disabilities, one of which involves a busted back. And as I hit my older ages this injury became worse to the point where I found that while climbing a ladder was still possible, climbing down said ladder was nearly impossible. So I stopped doing it.

    I send the wife up instead.

  2. And we seem to be getting a lot of it these days.

    Aaah – that’s because of the small mountain of sprouts we all ate with our Christmas dinners.  Oh – just me then …

  3. That meter – Avo 8 was it? Or a 7?
    Things of beauty 🙂

    (why am I typing at 0351? Woken by the wind and horizontal rain with bits of tree in it)

  4. The media is currently losing its mind over Storm Eleanor – we’ve not had it too bad here.

    Worst thing is, due to the holiday, Bin Day is one day late. Now most of the bins are in the road and most of the rubbish in them is in the next postcode!

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