A Brave New World — 9 Comments

  1. Where do I start with the health service?  As above, sack all management…. and in fact everyone who isn’t qualified as a doctor or nurse.   Add all accountants to that list too.”  All well and good until C-diff breaks out in the wards that no nurse will lower herself  from her PROFESSIONAL status perch to clean and when the Pharmacy runs out of drugs; the toilets out of soap, the OP rooms out of knock out gas and sterile gowns, the surgeons strike because there are no digestive biscuits or tea bags. Management has it’s role in all services….if only the governments would let them manage. Or would you really expect Ireland’s leading brain surgeon to spend one day a week simply organizing the Surgery Rota and buying in scalpels? ” Sorry Mrs O’Loonasee, I would remove your tumour today but I have to go to Cash & Carry cos they have an offer on Sterile Scrub”.

    • Obviously there have to be some clerical staff but they should fit into an office or two and not several ginormous office blocks.

  2. Oh fuck, there has to be some common sense here.  Yes, please get rid of all the timewasting, money-grabbing loons “in charge” and make sure the real people with real jobs get a sensible pay packet instead.  It’s always true that in any democracity the most avaricious and self-motivated seem to worm their way to the top.  Which of course, they perpetuate by giving themselves ever-expanding remuneration. Yes, I fully support the idea that we should concentrate our thoughts on those who actually DO something worthwhile,  but that could be open to debate.   Start somewhere, and sack all senior managers and accountants, their advisors plus any expensive external consultancies.

    By the way, Grandad, have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.  Trust your Christmas went OK? Don’t remember much about it.

    • Many happy returns to you too.  The day was lovely and quiet.  Got the family business over with on Christmas Eve!  It was just Herself and myself with a bottle each.  The animals were around somewhere too, but I don’t know if they imbibed.

  3. It’s 00:11 in the UK so I suppose I should wish you a Happy New ….same shit…different year.

    *is off to take some tamazepam so he can sleep away the drunks pouring themselves home in an hour’s time to a cacophony of stilettos clacking, vomiting and “i neeeeeeeeeed a weeeeeeeee”. Hopefully the couples shagging in the shop doorways will bear in mind some of us haven’t had sex since the 80s and will keep their screams of ecstasy (or hypothermia…this is Norfolk) to a minimum as not to frighten the horses*

    • You don’t have to if you don’t want to.  I wouldn’t be in the slightest offended.

      Sorry if I kept you awake last night.

  4. A bit late but a Happy New Year to you and yours, GD!

    And what was that saying? Something along the lines of: Those who seek office should never be allowed to attain it. Something like that. Of course, those who are too smart to seek office are probably the ones who should be in office.

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