A fine upstanding village — 6 Comments

  1. *expects bottles of Pure Ringsakiddy Spring Water to be pulled from the shelves here in the yUK because it empowers rapists (ie MEN)*

  2. On a serious note I am reliably informed that those little blue pills also work very well on those unfortunate enough not to possess a penis or ‘women’ as they are commonly referred to. So I’m guessing this is fake news ….unless knicker sales have trebled ?

  3. Much like Frank McCourt’s observations on Limerick in the day, Ringaskiddy is one of those horrible places where, if you woke on Christmas morning ‘without’ and erection, you’d have nothing to play with all day!!!

  4. Ringaskiddy (Irish: Rinn an Scidígh, meaning “Skiddy’s Headland”)

    Don’t think I need to add anything…

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