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  1. Didn’t you just recently change your home network hardware? I seem to recall a post about that. Could that possibly have anything to do with it. Maybe your provider or whatever sneaked in a firmware upgrade or something of that nature. Unseated cable that the cat played with? Not knowing how your network is put together is hard to tell but maybe it’s hardware, not software?

    • “is hard to tell but maybe it’s hardware, not software?”

      No it’s just because Baby Jesus hates him.

      • That is probably the reason all right.

        It’s on my laptop, so nothing to do with the network.  It was working perfectly and then just buggered itself up and kept going into a loop.  It can’t be software as I reinstalled everything.  It can’t be hardware as that hasn’t changed.  It has to be Baby Jesus.

        • I should have caught that. Suggestion then. I don’t know which sever software you’re using (I used to use XAMPP when I was doing the same type of testing) but maybe trying out different server software since there’s more than one out there.  I know it sounds strange but perhaps one will work where another won’t or at least it might point you to the problem?

          Can’t hurt to try.

          • I was using Bitnami Lamp Stack.  A nice package as it is run entirely out of one directory in Home [no constant permissions problems].  I have used it for years with no problems until now.

            I tried installing XAMPP [also Bitnami] which worked but was far too messy – insisting for example that I FTP stuff into the local sites.

            Reverted to Lamp and installed PhpMyAdmin  separately.  For some reason that works.  It’s like using Mickeysoft Office but having to use a separate word processor….

  2. Turns out my last comment was due to a keyboard/browser interface issue my end, so I deleted it.

    Sharing your pain as I do, my laptop (the Dell Insipid Anno 1545 out of a skip many years ago) finally died the other day and has been buried with full honours in the bin (HAH! I laugh at your ‘no batteries’ laws). So having managed to recover the HDD I have now set up my spare lappy. Unfortunately it is my spare because i snorked coffee (genuinely) over it too hard and now the keyboard doesn’t work so I’m using it with a cheap usb keyboard and a dodgy usb mouse , both of which sometimes loose the plot or just wander off and sit under a tree.

    • I early retrieved that comment from the bin.  It was a work of art, but did require a LOT of scrolling!

      I have a laptop with a fucked keyboard and some other dodgy bits which I use for major processes.  In emergencies I use a USB keyboard, but usually I connect to it using VNC.  Works brilliantly. Also use VNC to control Herself’s machine.  One Laptop to Rule Them All….

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