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  1. Dear Met Eireann,

    Arrah, will ya whisht,ya fuckin’ pansies ya!! You shouldah been on the road tah Moshcow back in ’41. They didn’t even have any winter gear. 

    Theydah told yah where tah shtick your orange ‘n’ yellah shite.

  2. “And to run the heating pump”

    Then get yourself a small inverter to power it. Most central heating systems should run from a 300 watt unit, but don’t waste money on a “Modified Sine Wave” type – they will burn out the controller, and possibly the boiler control circuit board. Get a “Pure Sine Wave” (same as the mains, and often better) model – they have come down considerably in price lately. If you haven’t got a spare 12 volt battery lying around you can run it from a decent car battery, but keep an eye on the voltage, although virtually every modern inverter will have an audible low-volt warning, and shut off before it’s too late.

    • The kettle is more important than the central heating.  Are there battery powered kettles?  It’s not worth investing in any other form of power source such as a generator.

      • “Are there battery powered kettles?”

        There are some 12 volt jobs – aimed at people who want to have brew “on the road”. However most are very low power – typically 100-120 watts, to be able to work through a fag lighter socket – so they take ages to boil even a cup full. I use a 1kw mains powered travel kettle, but then I have a 1.5kw inverter in my car! It pulls around 100 amps at 12 volts, so runs from a second battery/split charging system. If you only want to heat water for tea/coffee etc, surely a small camping gaz (or similar) stove & kin tettle is the answer?

  3. We had a similar annoyance about 6 weeks ago. I discovered there’s a national freephone number to report outages and get information – 105. Works from landlines or mobiles (Uk).

    when you phone from a mobile they offer to send you text updates on progress.

  4. World weather has gone whacky! We should have snow down and have had snow down for a month however, nothing zip till last week days were hitting 15c instead of -5c. Not complaining mind, you can have the stuff and I’ll keep enjoying the rarity of a warm winter.

  5. No wind, no windmills.

    No sunshine, no solar electrons moving.

    Freezing, all the important people have got heating full on.

    Guess who is expendible?

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