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  1. [Grandad, I’m having to compose this offline and then copypasta it in to your comments box. Dunno if it’s a problem with your box (oooh ahhhh) or a browser thing (Chrome) but every time i try and type something the page jumps down.)

    Uncannily, I just got this email from my local council:

    Dear The Blocked Dwarf


    Your vote matters. Don’t lose it!

    We understand that you may be entitled to register to vote. Registering to vote only

    takes a few minutes and will mean you can vote at elections.

    These are the details we hold for you:

    The Blocked Dwarf

    The Dwarf Hovel

    123 Notellinyew Ave

    Upper CrotchScratch Magna

    If this is you, please visit and follow the instructions to

    register to vote.

    Even if you have recently completed a Household Enquiry Form you still need to
    respond to this invitation.

    You need to respond by 04 December 2017. if you don’t you could be fined £80.

    We will confirm when you’ve been added to the electoral register.

    If you are unable to complete this form online, please contact us to request a paper

    For more details on electoral registration and how voting works please go to


    Love the use of the word ‘invitation’ when they mean a ‘threat’.

    • Fucking hell!  If you don’t register they fine you?  North Korea, here we come.

      Just to be safe, I just registered anyway.

  2. Hi G.D.

    Two invariables in life :

    What they promise is climate what you get is weather


    It doesn’t matter which party you vote for you still get a government

  3. Thanks for the explanation, I read it in the news but had no idea what it was all about. Seems politicians are the same the world over!

    • Frankly I have no idea what it’s all about either.  I rarely watch the news, and I tend to skip anything political on-line.  Too depressing and/or boring.


    Sums it up nicely.

    Got off the electoral role insanity a few years back. Apart from a few envelopes addressed to ‘the occupier’ whatever the fuck that is, which get burnt, and a card or two sent to ‘the address’, (yes they really do send cards to addresses  no names no titles just the address which is wholly owned approved created and registered by the council) urging someone to reply and a couple of knocks there is no downside.

    Don’t tell the bastards anything. All they can do is ask and certainly don’t hand over ‘personal details for their records’.

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