Saturday weirdness — 8 Comments

  1. “Thou shalt not play with Photoshop?”

    He , no doubt, further compounded the offence of ‘shopping by  being in possession of a penis.

    • Maybe if he provides them with a photograph of his overly manly naked self, they could Photoshop out his penis?  Job done.

    Oh dear!  I’ve been known to try that trick on photos of myself from time to time, to make pictures of slightly short, dumpy me look more like a long-legged, slender model (only a bit, I hasten to add – too much and it looks more comical than glamorous!).  Should I report myself now, in case I offend myself at some future date?

  3. How times have changed. When I worked at the naval dockyard during the 1970’s-80’s our welding bay was wallpapered using Playboy & Penthouse centre folds.

  4. I agree with Bill Sticker. Thou shalt not play with Photoshop at work! Or, more to the point, though shalt not download over 700 images of scantily clad women into company computers and then play with them in Photoshop at work!

    Okay, so he’s not really some sort of abuser. He was just stupid.

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