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    • That’s fine if you only have a couple of domains but the extra soon mounts up.  Simpler to give false information!

  1. For telephone twerps, the best response is an automated system called “Lenny”. This is a series of short clips featuring an elderly Aussie bloke who answers to the name of Lenny. After the initial greeting, the clips are played at random every time there is a pause of more than 1.55 seconds from the caller. The clips are deliberately ambiguous and confusing, even the time when Lenny is interrupted by a flock of ducks.

    Basically, this is artificial blithering idiocy, and it generally keeps telemarketers amused for tens of minutes. Poor old Prof Turing will be spinning in his grave…

    • That is priceless!  It shows how dogged these people are once they think they have a catch?  Nearly twelve minutes before Yer Man loses it!  Brilliant!

  2. Yep same thing happened to me last time I registered a domain. I still get emails in my Gmail spambox from a rather polite Indian gentleman enquiring about it. More fool me for using my real contact details. Life was quieter when the only contact the spammers could find for me was ‘Holden Dapenor’ (an early US explorer I am led to believe…l33t speakers will get the joke).


    • The only two things I have to work out are the email address and [more difficult] telephone numbers.  I can invent a number but I would much rather give the number of someone I dislike.

      Actually – I just remembered – someone dumped a load of shit in my garden a while back and it included a SIM card [without the chip] so I can use that number!  😈

  3. “Hi,
    Hope you are doing great.
    We can get your website on page one of Google, yahoo, Bing. Please reply on this e-mail for more info.
    Email us back to get a full Proposal.
    Kind Regards,
    Pintu Kumar
    PS: I will be happy to send the “Proposal” and “Pricing” furthermore”

    Just got that in my spam box. Mr Penis Kumah, if you’re going to promise me a page one listing then perhaps not send me an email from an ‘outlook’ account? Pro tip: any serious firm would use their domain email not a free account …and who uses Outlook these days? You should have linked me to your Bebo page.

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