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  1. no hugging?!?! NO HUGGING?!?!?! what the fuck are we allowed to do? stand around in bubble wrap and hope for the best? fuck you ya twats, hugs ARE nice, I like hugging, hugging makes people feel good.

    • We apparently “high five” each other.  I fucking hate that “high five” – too damned American.

      One of the problems with modern society is that we don’t hug enough.  Nowadays everyone id taught the dangers before being taught the joys.

      • Even Hi-5s are not without their danger. Perhaps ‘jazz hands’ are the way to go…

  2. Granddaughter2 (2.5 years) is excited about the imminent arrival of her Baaaaby Brother . As she has always tagged along to the Midwife’s with her Mama, her favourite game at the moment is ‘Doktor tummy’. A game she only gets to play with her Omi (nana) when she visits us. Same way that only Omi accompanies her when she goes to sit on the potty. Omi also took over the nappy changing as soon as my body weight wasn’t required to pin the little rat to the mat. Don’t think I have ever kissed her nor let her kiss me. I express my affection for her by patting her on the head. I also try and avoid having her on my lap to read to her.

    Not because the Akela of the US Offendatrons recommends it but simply because it only takes one careless word these days; “I play doctor Granddad” at playgroup could open a world of pain for all of us.  And anyways I can recall getting stubble burns from being made to hug and kiss,  as a child, relatives- Grandma especially.

    Sad really but better safe than sorry…and teaching little girls to have a little ‘distance’ to men is probably not a bad idea…I don’t really need to be a Great Granddad by the time I’m 60 (I’m in  Norfolk, remember?).

  3. This is about starting to teach children the concept of consent, that I get to decide who touches my body. The paedophile stuff is introduced by the paper and isn’t what the Guides’ advice was about. They had similar advice on BBC’s Woman’s Hour yesterday.

    • If a majority or even a very large minority of the population were paedophiles or deviants then this kind of warning would be justified.  However there seems to be a general hysteria in the air that no one is safe, and that kids should be taught what appropriateness is.  The vast majority of children know damn well what is right and what is wrong, but to start teaching them to be wary of their own relations is bordering on evil.

  4. “the concept of consent, that I get to decide who touches my body”

    What total and utter nonsense. “well Mr & Mrs Jones, I would perform this life saving surgery on your child but even with a crayon she can’t give me full written consent.”

    I might add that the ‘official’ advice given to young fathers here at the moment is to spend as much time with the baby on your naked chest/tummy as possible…”skin time” I think Youngest Son referred to it as .

    • You appear to have pushed my mild statement into a caricature, and lampooned that. Ah well. I shall try to expand to see if I can explain why this isn’t the modern madness it is being cast as better.

      As I understand it, the hugging thing is about not making it automatic that a child must kiss/hug, there is no hug ban!

      If a child has the idea that they are in charge of the physical contact they have, they are better placed to know if something is inappropriate. Hmm, not much better explained. I did a Google instead:

      • When has it ever been obligatory? I’ve witnessed the reactions often enough to know that kids already exercise the right to squirm out of reach when an unwanted hug/kiss was being aimed at them. That’s a whole lot different from teaching them “the concept of consent, that I get to decide who touches my body.” Inculcating that concept in a child suggests, per se, that physical contact is something to be suspicious of.

        • Well said, Lisboeta. Kids don’t need to be taught any of that stuff – it’s instinctive. If they don’t want to be hugged, they are capable of making that fact abundantly clear. As you say, ‘teaching’ them about consent is going to open a Pandora’s box of potential psychoses. Gentle guidance if and when needed is all that’s required.


      • You appear to have pushed my mild statement into a caricature, and lampooned that.

        Yes, yes I did but despite my ‘ad absurdum’ response I did take your point and can see the reasoning behind it all. I disagree about it being necessary or even a good idea though. Infact it is illogical, captain.

  5. Don’t hug your relatives?  I think Dr Andrea Bastiani , the ‘developmental psychologist’  giving out this warped ‘advice’ has any.  Or was starved of affection as a child.

  6. How would they cope in continental Europe? Any acquaintance you’ve met more than twice automatically gets the kiss-on-both-cheeks. (Not those; don’t be vulgar.) The younger kids of friends, even lads, bestow a polite kiss-kiss. I’ve known Mr.Fixit (the chap who deals with my household maintenance) for long enough now that we do the kiss-kiss. It’s a charming custom. And so ingrained that I instinctively do it with English family/friends. Not their kids, though. Some things are beyond the pale.

  7. Almost makes me glad that I’m at the final 20 year stage of my life–more or less (you never know now do you?). In a world where a man can’t even glance at a child without being accused of being some sort a sexual predator is not a world I want to live in.

  8. “the concept of consent, that I get to decide who touches my body”

    This is getting ludicrous! It’s putting common courtesies in the same bracket as overt sexual advances. Nowadays, few sane men in UK/USA would go to the aid of a non-familial child (or teenager, or woman) in obvious distress. Lost? Fallen over? Hurt? Need help? Nah, just walk on by, eyes averted. How does that contribute to societal cohesion? The way things are going, we’ll have to equip ourselves with ‘consent forms’ whenever we venture outside, in case we should stumble and fall and really would like a passer-by, anyone, to assist.

    (Sorry about the rant, but this nonsense annoys the Hell out of me.)

  9. part time work as a lollypop man and i cannot pick up a child if he,she falls on the crossing.enough to make me finally give up the job after 7 years

    • If I go to pick up a Grandchild from school, I have to have one of those background checks and parental permission before I can offer a lift home to one of Grandchild’s friends.

      What a nasty suspicious world we live in.

  10. You worry about Uncle Mick?  Having recently read their policy, I’m convinced that Victoria, Australia Department of Education and Training is staffed by paedo’s as their policy documents clearly state that in the case of parents not agreeing to a child’s perceived ‘need’ for gender reassignment surgery, they will ignore the parents and proceed to put the child through the gender reassignment surgery with no further discussion with parents or any medical professionals.  Read the section of their policy titled ‘Parental consent’ via link below.

    Link here:

    I call that institutionalised child abuse.

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