International Men’s Day — 14 Comments

  1. I should really know better by now, I know, but on a whim I followed the link regarding Men’s Health…

    “Over 1.1 billion people smoke worldwide and the vast majority of smokers are male”


    • and at the risk of being targeted by Twitter for hate speech I have just tweeted :“#InternationalMensDay   Big Tobacco Control Industry shills.” cos it’s Sunday, I’m cold, tired and in some testicular discomfort (that’s the sort of “Men’s Health” I’m interested in right now…a cure for Epididymitis !)

      • They say it like it was a bad thing….and they go on the whine about the amount of alcohol men drink.

  2. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. For the last couple of months I have been searching for an effective emetic. That worked a treat.

    • It’s pretty grim all right.  Have men become a downtrodden minority who somehow needs the care and love of the Interwebs?

  3. I’m surprised Google didn’t do doodle for it. They always do one for International Women’s Day.

    Just shows how low we men have become in the eye of the innerweb?

  4. Ahh snails. Sneaky little buggers, are snails; both sexes on the same animal. Their sex life is most peculiar, even then they’re completely alone. Don’t trust them!

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