COYBIG — 10 Comments

  1. “It’ a fucking game, for fucks sake!”

    I read once that to be a successful professional sport coach you have to walk a fine line. Smart enough to do a good job but dumb enough to think that it matters.

  2. May I suggest that you obtain a laser pointer? Many animals, cats included, think that the bright dot is a real object. Cats will chase laser dots, often to the exclusion of looking where they are going.

    • Indeed a pointer is on my shopping list, especially after the little brainfart last week where I scribbled about Cat!

  3. Useful or useless info, my mother had the same cat for twenty plus years( i can hear you groaning) and this cat never had a flea, we wondered why and years later found out it was the brewers yeast tablets it was addicted too, apparently same applies for humans take brewers yeast tablets before you go to foreign climes

    and the mozzies wont bite you , thats mosquitos to you and me

    ps i hate fucking football

    • I’m quite partial to brewer’s yeast myself, but preferably after it has been brewed.

      Back in my schooldays I was considered a freak because I preferred women to football.  I never had the slightest interest in it and still can’t see the attraction.  The only reason I hate it is because I am expected to love it.  “The Beautiful Game” my hole!

  4. Not that you’d be interested, but I watched it for you and you didn’t miss anything worth talking about. So I won’t.

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