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  1. I have always found it somewhat amusing that nobody mentions ‘Chernobyl’ these days when talking about rising cancer rates. Maybe cigs do cause cancer (despite all the evidence), maybe diesel particles do, maybe neither of them do. What however we have known for over a century- since some French housewife thought it would be really “amusant” to make bits of stuff glow in the dark with only a pinafore for protection- known for absolute fucking certain is that radiation DOES.

  2. Dammit! I just knew I shouldn’t playing with that black market, cold war, nuke tipped, cruise missile after taking my night-time medication. I knew better but did I listen to my own warnings? Did I listen to my own experience screaming at me to not touch that control panel? Nooo…

    …and poof! She was gone.

    Still not sure where it landed. Is that butterball with the bad haircut from Pyongyang still alive by any chance?

  3. Utter bollocks. This bit.

    Though the extact location could not be pinpointed, the institute said the “plausible zone of release” lies between the Urals and Volga river.

    On a planet thronging with surveillance satellites that we get told about and likely many more we never hear about that can see a number plate ‘from space’. (I know they are not really in space they are inside the earths atmospheric envelope but hey never let the truth of a matter get in the way of a  good story lie in da meedja.) Same goes for all these missiles kimmy boy supposedly chucks around.

    Fukushima was a hydrogen explosion. The reactor building that had its roof blown off and had its reactor stripped apart for maintenance. The site that reported this using japanese government pictures was pulled shortly after I read the pages as I discovered when I went back to download them.


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