Religious zealots — 7 Comments

  1. This worries me…and i speak as a former PROPER roaming Catholic who used to go to Early Morning Mass every morning (‘proper’ meaning after a 12 hour night shift and before starting on the day’s drinking). Right or wrong I have always admired whichever Pope’s holding firm against similar Ex Cathedra  doctrinal pronouncements of the WHO.

    The Holy Sea of Peter has become a mere tributary of the UN. (and yes I know it’s ‘See’ not ‘sea’ ).

    • I’ll have you know I’m a former PROPER roaming Catholic as well.  Morning mass, monthly benediction, regular confession – the works.  Then I grew up.  The biggest problem is that they beat it into you as a kid and it’s damned hard to beat it out again.  Still working on it……

  2. “the Holy See cannot contribute to an activity that clearly damages the health of people.

    Bit of a joker this popey fellow?
    Not that clued up on history either.

    • One can imagine the scene: the Grand Inquisitor Fray Tomás de Torquemada is about to set the torch to the faggots (and fags) when a priest in a neon Hi Vis Soutain  with a clipboard appears and enquires whether  Health & Safety and Environmental Impact Assessments have been conducted? Are the faggots from sustainable, organic, forests? Is the pitch certified benzo and Carcinogen free ? Have any studies been carried out as to the risk of lung cancer on those about to be given a fiery immolation…and btw  would he please refrain from referring to those of ‘alternative belief systems and rainbow life style choices’ as ‘buggers, cathars and god cursed sodomites’?



      • That was part of what I was referring to in my first comment when I said the papacy didn’t kowtow to the dictates and pseudo-science of the WHO. Now the WHO is perfectly right that condoms stop the spread of AIDS but the Pope is also right that not shagging around is a better solution….a ‘pie in the sky’ (or should that be ‘pie in heaven’?) solution yes but that’s kinda the church’s job to remind us that the only real cure to pretty much all humanity’s ills is to change our behaviour.

        I would have hoped the Pope would have said “thanks to the demons of tobacco control, gramme for gramme the tobacco plant is now the single most valuable plant on the planet and the burnt offering of such a valuable plant is pleasing to the LORD’s nostrils, it says so in the bible. It also sayeth ‘Go ye forth and multiply”

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