Immigration must be stopped — 14 Comments

  1. What is the difference between a Dubliner and a ham sandwich?
    The average ham sandwich is only half an inch thick.

    How do you keep Dubliners out of your house?
    Hide the key under a bar of soap.

    A Dubliner on holiday in the country found three bottles of milk in a field. He thought he had discovered a cow’s nest.

    How do you recognise the bride at a Dublin wedding? She’s the one wearing the white maternity dress.

  2. I hear ya. They always leave a fine mess in the hostel in glenmalure. We come up to rock climb they come down to get sloshed and leave cans all over the place.

  3. hope to be in dublin early january promise to cause you no hassles during my 10 days there.promise not to leave the cabra area where my sister resides.please be kind

    • If you aren’t leaving the area then there’s no problem.  If by chance you wish to venture further south out of the jungle then let me know and I’ll issue you with a visa.

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