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  1. “It contained a magazine”

    Absolutely filthy, one hopes, and not just geek porn (‘We strip down the hottest server blades’, ‘get the inside scoop on Red Twat Cuntus 2.3’)?

          • You say that but Fisher Price still sell an awful lot of those pull along telephones that we all had as kids and how many kids today even know what a ‘real’ telephone with a dial and cables actually looks like?

            As to the spammage, I found letting Gmail run my domain emails pretty much sorted out the spam. Infact as awful as gmail is their spam filters are very very good…sometimes a bit too good.

            Only downside to it is that if I want to move my domains to a cheaper host (I keep toying with the idea as Heistgrater gets more shite and expensive each year), I have to practice the dark arcane arts of MX…

            • I have a Gmail account but only really use it for anything Google-wise.  I avoid them where possible, just as I avoid Mickeysoft.

              Normally my spam is minimal, but something broke and it all just flooded in again.  I think it was more of a local thing so I have given Thunderbird a thrashing and told it to behave itself.

              If you’re looking for a hoster, I might know of one or two I could recommend……..

  2. I still have MS-DOS 6.2 on disk, Windows 3.11 for workgroups, and Windows 95 on disk.  I also have a very old 486/66 that I fire up every once in a while.  You have to kick it to get the hard drive to spin up!  🙂

    Family is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness at the same time.

    • Not sure I hold with all that fancy modern stuff, I still have one of those ‘laptops’ from Terminator 2 that allows you to rob ATMs!

    • A while ago I installed DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.1 on a virtual machine.  Great fun and it brought back a lot of memories.  Under 15Mb for the whole lot!  Compare that to the multi-Gigabyte stuff of nowadays!

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