Tomorrow is a day of morning — 10 Comments

  1. If the World is going to end tomorrow then there is no point me carrying on tidying up the garden so I’m off to put my feet up and have an uncork a bottle of the good stuff! As for Nibiru – David Icke and Zecharia Sitchen have a lot of silly nonsense to answer for! No doubt some will breathe their last anyway tomorrow as happens everyday on this mortal coil so I wish those good luck in their own private raptures and may they rest in peace.

    • In all fairness, someone is going to get it right sometime.  It might not be for a few billion years but still…..

      • Surprise – not!  According to David Meade (who?) the Christian Numerologist who predicted all the guff, “The End” has been postponed.  Whodathunk it? I’d better buy another bottle of the good stuff for next time….

  2. Two words: “1844” and “Miller”. In other words, it isn’t so much a problem that Christa-loons occasionally come up with dates for Christ’s Return/The Rapture/End Of Days…usually using ‘calculations’ that would have Tommy Flowers reaching for his transistors….the problem comes when they try and ‘justify’ their miscalculations. After the debacle of 1844 several of the sects , some that still knock on your door today, grew out of The Great Disappointment (yes really, they called it that. Never underestimate, to your average Xian, the sheer joy to be had watching all the sinners left on Earth, after EarthXit, BURN and being eated by the worm). I can name at least 4 without even checking the tomes.


  3. Oh great, I was told I’d wake up to an independent Scotland. Then they told me I’d be in the EU for the rest of my days. And I was so looking forward to Marine Le Pen as boss of France. Maybe not so 4 years of Hils Clinton. Then they told me the Tories would have a colossal mandate for Brexit.

    By comparison, the Earth being vaporised ain’t such a big deal.

    • Appropriately with the World ending today and the Xians being raptured (there is something wrong with that sentence…surely Xians being raptored would be favourite?), tomorrow is that white knuckle, nail bitingly exciting rollercoaster ride known as the German General Election *yawn*.

      Why *yawn*? Surely the result will determine not only the direction of the EU but also Brexshite? Yeeees it will but…the great strength and the great weakness of the German Electoral system is that, it is almost a certainty, that some of the people in power today will remain in power on Monday.


      • Well I’m still waiting for the world to come to an end. Until then it’s back to the prosaic stuff.

        I have a very, very vague interest in how afd fares. And I feel the German people really have little choice for boss if their next best is the fat bald git. He I find superficial and repugnant.

        On the other hand this business of Mr. Farage once again taking over the top spot at UKIP is of rather more interest, if only because ALL the rest standing for the post are political pygmies.

  4. “The end is nigh – repent sinners!”

    If the end of the world happens tomorrow, does that mean I can put in a claim on my trip cancellation insurance?  I’ve just spent a considerable sum on airline tickets.  Who do I sue?

    Seriously, we get an end of the world story every other bloody week and nothing of note happens.  If the guys at haven’t picked it up, I’m not going to cancel any appointments.  And I repent nothing.

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