Hobbies and hobby-horses — 11 Comments

  1. …..nowadays they just make you shoot at a target which I would imagine would become somewhat tedious and boring after a while.

    Hmm. What about a moving target? There’s a challenge! Paint one on the back of your S-i-L’s jacket.  Sure you’ll think of something…. 😉 

    I am to both gain and lose weight

    At the same time?  Post pictures!

    • Just had a thought – a crossbow might be more fun.  The only problem is that if I use ’em on moving targets [i.e. tourists] the arrows and bolts are more easily recovered and traced by forensics?

      As for the photos – you’d have to pay to see them.

    • Hah!  I remember seeing that for the first time in a cinema in Cambridge.

      I take it by “rock or two” you mean a gentle swaying, and not the hard things?  She’s still my daughter…..

      • No I mean you an herself are the rocks K8 needs. Something she can rely on as an anchor of sanity when all appears insane.

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