On having a cat day — 10 Comments

  1. I glued a piece of carpet to a piece of wood, and screwed it to the kitchen wall by the back door. I trained the cats to scratch that. It worked……….

    • Welcome BofanE!  [sorry about the abbreviation but if you had to fight with my keyboard, you’d understand].

      We have one of those rope scratching poles which I keep moving to the latest favourite scratching place.  It never works.  He just moves on to scratch somewhere else.  I also have a sort of corrugated cardboard scratching mat which he equally ignores.  It’s easier to just set the dog on him.

    • “trained the cats”

      HAHAHHAHAHAH! *Me laughs at silly human that thinks he/she trained a cat* You don’t train a cat, they train you.

  2. Any halfway decent cat worthy of the name will just laugh in your face about water. Empty a bottle of kitchen oil over him …that’ll really annoy him . Or put used chewing gum on his fur.

    • I don’t chew gum.  Would the dottle from the bottom of my pipe bowl mixed with olive oil do?  It is extra virgin [the oil, not the dottle]

      • Depends on whether you want to terminally piss him off or terminal him for good. I’ve told you before, that stuff you smoke is made with the Tonka Beans and they make warfarin out of that shit. Mind you, as it’s Condor you’re smoking you probably wouldn’t need to worry about the dottle giving Mr Pussy Paws nicotine poisoning ….

  3. My wife has a cat. If you include chicken then my wife eats more birds. The only other differences are that herself is bigger and watches TV.

    I don’t like cats.

    • Should I tell you what comes to me naturally when I get woken unnaturally early by anything or anyone?

      The judge’s closing remarks were rather disparaging I felt.

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