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  1. I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: it is a crying shame she didn’t live long enough to see her wish come to pass. Worst still is the knowledge that if I had contacted you the day she first asked me to see about The Racconstitution, she would have at least seen it was well in hand.


    • The greatest pity was that there was no copy of the database.  No point in living with regrets though?

  2. Just an idea but would it be worth adding the bits from


  3. Good job, well done.

    Nah, ‘kin wonderful job, done bloody well 🙂

    I’ve already had some great reads dipping back in the posts.

    Is the hosting secure and are there multiple, portable, backups?

    • “Is the hosting secure and are there multiple, portable, backups?”

      I haven’t actually asked him but I’m pretty sure that Grandad, who hosts the archive himself, will have taken every conceivable measure to ensure the archive will be around forever.

      • Strictly speaking regular backups aren’t necessary, as it’s basically a static site, where the only changes will be any minor additions or fixes.

        However, as a matter of course, all my sites are backed up on a regular basis and stored off-line.  The backups consist of two parts – a .tar.gz of the entire site and a .gz of the database dump.  The database is automatically backed up every night, and the full site every month [with intermediate backups each week].

        The server is as secure as I can make it, with several layers of firewall, intrusion detection and virus detection.  The site is constantly monitored and swept for malware.  Short of taking it off-line altogether, I think it’s secure!

  4. I spoke to G recently on the phone ,who in the course of our short-by-dint-of-my-deafness conversation said “I have spent the last 3 days reading the archive, only stopping to make something to eat or for a toilet break etc”

    I think that says all that needs to be said about what the archive means to him and how much he approves of/appreciates it.

    Although he did add some more girly, flowery, emotional stuff about being ‘so grateful’ but i just turned my deaf aid off at that point.

    When I get to see him in person again I shall try to explain to him in terms he understands just how much work and effort  Grandad has put in…something along the lines of “taking the Mary Rose and making it sea worthy”.


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