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    • At my age wot?  There’s no age limit on dreaming is there?  Or have they introduced one?

    • Fuckit – I have decades left in me yet.  We keep saying we’ll go next year which is something to look forward to.  We made the same promise last year and the year before…….

  1. It’s  been too frigging hot’n’humid down here for so long I’m dreaming of the Arctic Circle….

    • Just had the heating on for a bit.  What I would give for a good reliable drop of outdoor heat at the moment.  Your neck of the woods was one of our regular stop off points.  Next time we go, can you send me your address please?  Save a few bob that way.

  2. The Dordogne is indeed idyllic. Last time I was there was about 20 years ago. Rented a place in a small hamlet not far from Périgueux. It was delightful. I like France generally, but that area is particularly lovely.

    You should maybe think in terms of not being quite so adventurous, and get a boat to Cherbourg and go somewhere in Normandy. I’ve stayed there several times, and although not a beautiful as Dordogne, it is nevertheless a great place to relax.

    • The last time we went, we only went as far as the Loire region.  Weather wasn’t as good and the scenery wasn’t quite the same.  It was grand, but not spectacular.  If you want spectacular, visit Domme!


  3. Dear Grandad

    Two Irishmen pass a sign saying ‘tree fellers wanted’.

    One turns to the other and says “‘Tis a pity there’s only the two of us”.

    Can’t think what made me think of that joke …


  4. “Tree” is correct ICAO English. I’m certified by the UK CAA as Level 6 in English you know ! (= Native Speaker- woo hoo). And I’m quite accustomed to being called “Garett” by both Irish, Irish speaking Finns, “The French” and my neighbor “John The Digger” (OK, he’s Irish).

    Anyway, my point: I’m off to visit friends in Finland next month, and probably a diving trip + see friends in Malta in October.

    Why? Our dear politicos & msm seem to have no idea of what “Third Country” implies and seem to have “magic” expectations that a “comprehensive deal” can be done in less than a year, or that the EU will suddenly discard all their laws and regulations to save Blighty on Brexit. I’d love to be rejoining EFTA to avoid most of the pain, but Blighty is now too corporately stupid to even consider this. Sorry GD, this will f**k you all too.

    Eat, drink, be merry…

  5. I live near Bergerac, where the vineyards are all around. Now that you have a cat, you are welcome to come and visit. Our cats only come in if it’s cold or wet……………


  6. just go man their are no pockets in a shroud .shake out the cash from the mattress and go

  7. Inside every old person there’s a young person wondering what the hell happened.

    That’s why you can still dream. I sure do.

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