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    • I have already thanked him a multitude!

      The problem is that each page is raw html in a complex directory structure.  A search would have to ignore any words that aren’t in the actual body of the page and would have to step through many directories.  For example a word contained in a title would appear several times on one page.  It is of course possible, but would be extremely slow, inaccurate and would be very server intensive.  A search on a database however is a lot more efficient – it basically just searches through one field in one table of one database.

      The link above incidentally seems to be just an alternative to the WordPress [database] search?

      • Yes the link isn’t actually very helpful, I realised that when I re-read your post and began to understand what you were on about. But by that time your shortened ‘edit’ timer had run out. I was going to post a correction but of course got ‘stuck’ reading one of her posts…OCD having compelled me to check out the latest additions. To think just over a week ago we were still wondering just how much could be racconstituted.

        And here, Boys and Girls, is the latest addition to the ‘Famous Last Words’ file, uttered by Granddad himself on the 16th of this month: “You want to forward the file[s] to me?  Just to have a look.”




  1. For your efforts to preserve the writings of the dear departed Anna Raccoon you have our total support. She, of fond memory, was brilliant in her forensic investigations into some very pertinent subjects which are still subject to investigation. Her spanners remain in the media works, they cannot be ignored.

    May herself rest in well-deserved peace.

  2. Thank you to everyone involved in this project. I was a semi regular lurker at the Racoon Arms but never posted there. Wish that I had just to tell Anna how much I enjoyed reading her work (more often than not until the wee small hours having got hooked on a story).

    I shall raise several glasses of my namesake to Anna, her family and to you all 😉

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