I know who I am — 4 Comments

  1. “The information visible on the card is a person’s photograph, signature, PPS number…”

    Old age and years of industrial grade alcoholism mean that I would welcome such a card if it contained really important visible personal information like…… cell phone number, kids’ birthdays and my bank PIN.

    “They’re welcome to that fascinating  nugget of information.”

    I’ve successfully hacked (“socially engineered” is the term I believe, I’d just say ‘blagged’) systems before and since the internet age on that kind of information. Not to worry you of course but that’s the kind of ‘useless’ nugget that can lead to the Keys To The Kingdom. You took a bus to somewhere and that only once…that says an awful lot about you (for example, you used it as a bus pass so you’re an OAP, you probably own a car, you probably live at either the start or end of that single bus journey…you see?).

    • Maybe I have a motorbike which happened to break down, so I got the bus to a friend’s house which was a mile down the road?

      Anyhows, in this age of the Interwebs, anyone with a modicum if intelligence can find out a hell of a lot more about me and I don’t even have a proper Farcebook page.

  2. “…born on 19th February…”. All the best people were. We could be twins, except you were born a year too late (or I was born a year too early). 🙂

    • It was a good date to be born on.  We share it with a mere 365th or so of the world’s population.  That’s a lot of people?

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