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    • It would explain a lot [like how he can be outside when I know a the doors and windows are locked and the last time I saw him was asleep on the stairs].

      Maybe I’ll call him Anubis?  Nah!  Cat is easier to remember.

      • Coincidentally, next door’s black cat spends a lot of time sunning himself on the roof of my shed. Little does he know that said shed roof is extremely rotten and will probably completely collapse during the coming winter. Subsequently, I am patiently awaiting the squawk and crash that will inevitably come one day …

  1. Cat across the road spends a lot of time on the roof…

    I always assumed there must be an easy way for it to get there but while cat sitting recently I was able to walk round the house for the first time and discover that no, there is no easy way to get from the ground to the roof via intermediate levels…

    When the owners returned from the UK I asked them how she did it, “Oh, she just runs straight up the wall!”.


  2. “I have had to retrieve him from there on more than one occasion.”

    They always manage to get down by themselves if they’re hungry .

    When did you last see a cats’ skeleton up a tree ?

  3. Cats, eh?  They have a certain catitude and like to make sure that you are firmly under their paw.  Dogs have owners, cats have staff…



  4. One of my neighbours cats went missing, I wasn’t too unhappy as he thinks my kitchen is a self service cafe and he steals any cat food left! My son found him after three of the hottest days this year in a deserted green house. He could only have got in through the automatic vent though how he climbed up glass and fell in I cant imagine. No food or water but he seemed fine and we brought him in until his owner collected him, all he did was eat! Now he is back to helping himself when I have the door open. My two are wary of him but no matter how many times I chase him he comes back.

  5. Oh you typical, ignorant cat-hater! How little you know.

    An ordinary healthy cat can spring twenty feet in the air from a standing start. Worse than that, he can aim his whole body, adjust slightly in mid-air at speed and grab something far above to ‘hoosh’ himself up. Cats are fucking amazing and damned fast too. I saw one bolt two hundred yards down a garden, launch himself at high speed about twenty five feet up into a tree and come down in one movement with a big fucker of a bird in his teeth and claws.

    Do you really think the average dopey dog has a chance against that?

    • I’m not exactly a cat hater – I’m more of a dog preferer.  I just don’t really see the point in cats.  The only time they show affection is when they want something, and they are useless at retrieving sticks thrown in a river.

    • THAT’S my favourite theory so far 😉

      Already found out about cats’ ability to make themselves completely invisible? Mine knew the trick well – I remember once furiously steamingly looking for her for more than half an hour while she was peacefully sitting in full sight in the corner of a cupboard (very dark wood, cat was black and white). I had, of course, searched all her favourite places. The cupboard wasn’t one of them.

      On the other hand, I knew a cat once that fully believed in catty invisibility and like to hide behind a curtain, completely unaware of her tail sticking out and being very much not-invisible. 😉

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