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  1. Interesting list of TV. Just a couple of questions if I may:

    No Country for Women – Wasn’t the Republic the first country to allow female MP’s and to give women the vote ?

    The Game – I had no idea Hurling was a national sport. Given that I was often known to hurl after 12 pints of Guinness on a Saturday night I reckon I’d have been world class 😉

    BTW, is not probing a gamble in itself ?

    Shergar – Isn’t the Irish Govt planning to follow the UK in banning excessive Shergar in foods and fizzy drinks ?

    I bet Schizophrenia is really a program about tobacco control !!

    You dissed Daniel O’Donnell ? Isn’t he supposed to be a national institution over there ?

    Right, I’ll bugger off before you ban me from commenting further on your blog ….

    • Our Wee Daniel maybe should be in an institution al right.  The records can’t be selling well – he’s like a rash. appearing in several programmes.

      It’s funny but I never thought of hurling in that sense.  It makes The All Ireland Hurling Final sound quite interesting?  Just show them Daniel on the big screen?

  2. Too many channels for there to be any money for decent program making. We knew it would happen. Still, you can guarantee to watch re-runs of Star Trek at least twice every day.

    Beam me up FFS!

    (Well done on the Anna Raccoon initiative incidentally. Rickie will love it – even though he’s totally innocent…)

    • Re-runs of Fawlty Towers!  Decent programmes are very difficult to find these days.

      If Ricky finds the site then good luck to him – there are no facilities for him to leave his “comments”.

  3. Thanks for the heads up at Mr.Merc, i’ve just downloaded it. I’ve enjoyed most of the Steven King adapts for TV, -‘Haven’ and ‘The Mist’ spring to mind.

    And if you think you have it bad in good old Ireland then I shall post up the German TV listings…they will make your eyeballs bleed. German TV believes fervently that Sunday and Bank Holidays belong to the LORD and families…and there is a law that only truly gut wrenching romances (usually set in England btw, may Rosamunde Pilcher die a slooow and painful death) may be shown in the slot all other civilised countries reserve for the James Bond movie.

  4. You’re lucky, in the UK we have the BBC “Victoria Derbyshire”programme on between 9am and 11am weekdays, a hand-wringing liberal guiltfest.

    For the last two years she has been following “trangendred childen”.

    The children in question are now 9 years old…

    It almost makes me spit my vodka over my cornflakes.

  5. Interesting that Mick TV talks of ‘fertility control’ when Brits speak of ‘birth control’. I assume your liberal MSM disapproves of the Church’s teachings and ‘fertility control’ is less ‘loaded’ then ‘birth control’.

    (I have always admired the Germans’ no nonsense approach; “Anti Baby Pill” )

  6. Fawlty Towers sounds good plus they could add old classic Monty Python skits and the Benny Hill show? Hell, I’d settle for that over here but my cable provider would insist on including 100 infomercial channels plus another 20 sports channels as well (ugh) for only $89.95 for two years (see teeny tiny print for the over 246 restrictions for those two years). At the end of the two years the monthly price increases to the normal $247.95 unless other arrangements are made (see teeny tiny print to see that there are no other arrangements possible).

    And what do you do of an Autumn evening?

    Set up your own home brewery? (watching beer brew is probably a bit more interesting than watching paint dry)

    Experiment with mixing different home cleaning products (think of the possibilities)?

    Work up interesting and unusual things to do with home security cameras?

    Start a blog? 😉

  7. I’ve taken to drawing. More absorbing and at the end of the evening you have a nice picture that may even be saleable.

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