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  1. It was a bit inconsiderate of Sue not to hold on for another week to be able to see that which you have wrought for her .  She’d have been well chuffed and I’m sure G will be too. Well played that man, well played!

  2. Well done.

    It’s sad that we will have no new Anna Raccoon writings but it would be just as sad to lose what we already had.

    Thank you.

  3. Wow!  Thanks very much for your sterling work.  It would’ve been beyond tragic to lose all Ms Raccoon’s posts.  So pleased to have them preserved.

  4. Possibly the most valuable act undertaken on the Interweb all year.  Commendations, Sir.

    This archive should allow future generations of readers the chance to understand why we all valued Anna’s presence, principles and contributions so highly and will miss so greatly.

  5. Good stuff, GD. I’ll replace her ‘Blog’ link with this one later on.

    I just took a peep at the site, and it’s a masterwork! Clean, easy to navigate and comprehensive. As BD says: “Well played, that man. Well played!”

    • The “easy to navigate” bit was of prime importance.  Unlike an ordinary “blog” the site had to make all posts equally accessible, instead of just the latest one.

  6. Thanks everyone.  It was/is/will be a labour of great respect and friendship.  I consider it an honour to work on it.

    Thanks is also due to The Blocked Dwarf who is The Grand Wizard in charge of co-ordinating everything [and providing sage advice].

    • That’s because there aren’t any posts [yet] for that year.  One of the reasons I picked that display was that it is “intelligent”.  The standard calendar just starts at the current day/month and you’d have to work back through every month.

      • Don’t know if I hold with calendars thinking for themselves…I’ll say just one word; “Skynet”. First calendars get a mind of their own and then they decide to rename things… ‘Stardate 0000.000000101010’

          • Nope, didn’t even have a PC back then. Was King Of The One Handed SMS though…useful trick cos I actually spent Y2k Night at ‘work’ as a Sec-man for a Japanese firm of game console makers. Meant I spent all night playing ‘Zelda and The Ocarina Of Time’ or watching vintage German porn on VHS (HAH! I see your online IDSN Porn and raise you “Silke Does Cologne” on a Y2K proof ‘Record and not fade away’ machine).

    • I think I’ve got the 2014 stuff (see wget info on reply to prev).

      Woo hooo – bless you GD & Mr Dwarf – ain’t (some of at least) the interwebs wonderful?

  7. Let me join the crowd in praising your efforts, the resultant archive is better than I dare hoped.

    As a further source of potential Raccoon articles I refer you to the article of 15 Aug 2012 by Gildas noting “ownership” of the blog having passed to Matt Wardman and SadButMadLad. Perhaps those two contributors have some older files.


  8. *applauds riotously*

    Wonderful! Thank you for putting in so much effort and organising it so well – and for preserving the comments; even the puns and limericks have made it. That’s my reading sorted for the long winter evenings ahead…

  9. I downloaded a selection of posts mostly more recent about 20mb all in. I don’t have time to sort them but can email them compressed if you are interested

    • Everything is welcome, though there is a very large backlog to go through yet.  I just backed up the workspace where I am doing all the collecting and processing – 9Gb and growing!

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