Manning up — 18 Comments

  1. I checked the ‘Mail’ article and looked at the picture of the parents. All I can say is that “Fat” could be described as a new sex.

    • I’m still trying to get my head around the concept of deciding what sex to be at a later age.  And I thought the idea of designer babies was bad…

  2. I thought the male brain was caused by pre natal testosterone levels, apparently you cant change it even if you chop the knackers off!

    • Testosterone is a hormone and not part of the brain structure.  The “expert” didn’t mention that bit….

      Put water into a bottle and it’s a water bottle.  Put wine into the same bottle and it’s a wine bottle.  The bottle is the same but different.  Another fucking miracle!

      • It’s thought that the hormone levels (and possible other factors) affect brain structure – this is going on before birth to some extent

  3. I was going to say something here.  Now, I can’t be arsed.  It’s all too much.  Shoot the bastards and let everyone else live in peace.


  4. “I wonder what they would call male and female electrical connectors in this brave new world?”


    Oh, that’s easy,  ‘rapist’ and ‘violated’…

  5. Whilst our illustrious politicians are purposefully causing all this confusion,they can merrily carry on screwing up our society without too much dissent.I wish i could laugh,but all i see is a society that is attempting to implode on itself.Has anyone seen the price of a desert island nowadays….

  6. Save us from this insanity! This is what happens when the media is controlled by left wing ‘right on’ wankers. Luckily everyone else will carry on knowing that biological gender is but 2 only. Everything else is just a social construct perpetuated by a minority of weirdos.

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