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  1. Yes I did notice that this site would not load last night at about 23.30 hrs Edinburgh time.

    So I picked up on yesterdays’ brain-fart when I popped out this morning for coffee where they’ve got free WiFi.

    Can hardly wait for the 26th of this month when that festival finishes, the tourists thin out and there’s more space in the coffee shop (have to go there once a week to get the tablets to update themselves).

    Oh, and in case you’re not up to speed with the largest civil contract in Scotland. The new Forth Road Bridge opens on the 30th of August. Then they close it to traffic again from 2nd September, so 50,000 people can walk over it. Then the Queen opens it officially on the 4th of September, because she opened the first one 50 plus years ago!

    No I do not extract the Michael. It’s true I tell you, it’s true.


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