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  1. I’m sad to hear that. The blogosphere won’t be the same without her

    Mind you, I’m sure that she’s having a laugh at me winning the ISAC dead pool. She had that sort of sense of humour as was demonstrated when she mailed me back after I told her.

    My thoughts turn to Mr G and her family. That cunt Rickie will no doubt be crowing – but she’d have taken that as a complement…

  2. Although I rarely commented on Ms Racoon’s blog I read it as much as I could because it was fascinating and so well put together.  I also feel that the blogosphere will be poorer for her passing.  My thoughts and my prayers are with her family.  Rest in Peace Anna

  3. Dear Grandad

    Sad news indeed and a great loss to the blogosphere.

    Condolences to Mr G and Mme Raccoon’s family and friends.

    Vale Anna Raccoon.


  4. I am saddened to leard of her passing. I once met her, several years ago when she lived in Issigeac which is close to where I live. She invited me into her home and I met her husband breifly. I certainly understand his situation. We went to a small cafe very close to her home which I still frequent occaisionally ( and will continue to do so in her memory ). We discussed many things and I left with an impression that has lasted over the years. I was a regular reader of her blog and although I agreed with virtually all of her posts, her commentators seem most contrary. Rest in Peace Ms Raccoon, you more than deserve that after all the abuse you endured by your stance for the truth and that terrible malaise you eventually sucumbed to.

  5. I will go and see Mr.G in the morning and come back, hopefully with a few more details.

    Here for her friends is a picture I took of her back in April when she had just been given a 100 days to live *snork*

    [I took the liberty of moving the photo onto the post – GD]

    Yes she vaped in the hospital, no matter their spiteful little policy (same NHS Trust as the Hospice-From-Hell).

    Any nice comments posted here or elsewhere (that I can find) will be passed on to her husband.
    or you can email Mr G your condolences to me directly


    RIP Susanne,


    You entertained, educated and amused me for many years and will be greatly missed by all your friends. Just so glad you got home to spend your last days with your beloved Mr. G. My sincere condolences to him.




  7. Many thanks for posting this notice.
    What a good photo BD.
    Please pass on our condolences to Mr. G.
    So thankful she was at home overlooking her lovely garden and the river.
    We will miss her acerbic wit and pungent comments!!
    Best wishes
    JJ and Fi, in Yorkshire

  8. I rarely comment on blog-posts, but I must send my condolences to her beloved Mr. G and all her family and friends.  I was an avid Anna reader and will miss her posts.

    “free from pain at last”  go in peace and the love of all who wished they knew her.

  9. RIP Anna. No more worries eh? Thoughts go out to her loving husband. I shall miss her very much. Read her stuff for a couple of years. Night Night, God Bless

  10. RIP Suzanne, we”ll not see your like again for many a year.

    A fitting memorial to this determined campaigner would be to sort out the poor standard of care in (some) hospices, beginning with Macmillan nurses, who, despite their reputation, are not all angelic.

  11. Sad to hear this, I always hoped something would come up to preserve her, a loss to the blogosphere. Condolences to Mr G.

  12. “We never met, but I feel I have lost a friend.”- Granddad

    Told you before she very definitely counted you as a friend and ‘a brick’ [sic]

    Most here won’t know it but Granddad has been trying hard to fulfil one of her dying wishes (I can’t say anything more about that now) the last couple of days and I regret I didn’t get chance to tell her that in person. I did email her about it but I doubt she got to read them :(- same goes for a certain gentleman in Scotland who has fallen over himself this week to help.

  13. Robert Burns said it uncannily well (albeit in the other gender) in ‘Epitaph for a Friend’:

    The friend of man, the friend of truth,
    The friend of age, and guide of youth:
    Few hearts like his, with virtue warm’d,
    Few heads with knowledge so inform’d;
    If there’s another world, he lives in bliss;
    If there is none, he made the best of this.

  14. Haere ra Ms Raccoon and Kia Kaha to Mr G.

    Read a few UK blogs and tend to keep reading the independent thinkers and the wordsmiths. AR had a way with words that always impressed.


  15. Anna Raccoon was one of the first blogs I ever read – and found answers to my questions. A determined lady who also was not afraid to highlight the kind of care we all can expect from charities and their employed personnel.


    RIP Mrs. Racoon.  And, Thank you for your courage.


    My heartfelt condolences to Anna Raccoon’s family.

  16. “Any nice comments posted here or elsewhere (that I can find) will be passed on to her husband.”

    I wasn’t going to post anything, thinking “what can I add?”. But if you are passing on comments, please add that her blog was one of the best: my first read of the day (even before Grandad). I’m not aware of any currently in the same class. I’m glad that the archive is there, now gently gathering dust on the interwebs, a reminder of some good times and her excellent writing. God bless.

  17. Many great bloggers out there but she was just superb on any subject she chose to fix on.

    Outstanding and will be sorely missed

    At peace now….finslly.

  18. Rest in peace Ms Racoon,

    your blog really did set the bar high. Honest, brave, factual, evocative.

    i never met or spoke with you, my loss.


  19. Her astoundingly good and insightful blog notwithstanding, for me the most memorable episode was her tracking down and confronting Tricky Dicky (for those who may not know, ‘Tricky Dicky’, or ‘Dicky Doubleday’ is one of the most unpleasant and disruptive trolls around, and has caused no end of problems for many bloggers) face to face in his home. She was utterly fearless.

    An amazing woman. The world will be a poorer place for her loss.

  20. Hi,

    a sad day & my condolences to Mr.G. her family & her many friends.

    Her articles were excellent & informative, cutting through the chaff on the internet – I know of not a single one that should not be preserved and available to all – I always carried a link to her sites, on my blogs and websites, when I could find them!

    I do so hope someone more TechSavvy than I has a download of her sites – I would dearly love a copy if it is available and would be delighted to have permission to republish/post her articles for all to link to.

    My main website is http://www.InfoWebSite.UK & when her articles are reposted you will find a prominent link there.

    I will cherish her memory and am priviledged to have spoken with her several times but regret never having met her or Mr.G. face to face.

    For Susanne the battle, the dependency, the pain, the brickbats of the ignorant and the ravages fear & indignities of cancer are over for those of us left a light has gone out.

    RIP as you brought light into many dark corners & enlightened many as you passed throgh life, ever a parttisipant.



  21. Anna was remarkable in very many ways. Actually made positive differences in peoples’ lives, people who she didn’t know from Adam. I went out and got a Lasting Power of Attorney sorted after Anna enlightened us all about Jack Straw’s baby The Court of “Protection” to name a small personal example!

  22. I am so saddened by this news.

    Anna was a unique person, who by her humour, persistence and humanity enlightened many lives.

    ’nuff’ said.

    And Mr. G who was her stalwart mate needs all our support.


  23. dear  granddad,  i  too  will  miss  her.  i  read  you  and  her  and  frank  davis  and vgif  and  dick  puddlecte  and  others.blocked  dwarf  i  read  when  he  posts,  and  i  enjoy  you  all. d doubleday  i  despise  if  only  for  how  he  harrassed  ms. racoon.  hell  is  too  good  for  that  one.i  think  she  knew  she  was  loved  by  all of  us. i  hope  mr.g   is  all  right.i  believe  she  will  be  that  star  that  shines  brightest  for  many  of  us.  the  hospice (snork)she  was  at  i  would not put  my  worst  foe  in.  they  someday  will  know  much  shame  for  their  heartless  treatment  of  a  person  whom  could  not  move.  that  part  i  skipped  because  it  fills  me  with  rage  that  nurses  could  behave  so. kharma, GOD  willing  will  see  to  every  one  else  i  will  bid  you  good  day  and  enjoy  life.  we  only  live  once.                      raymond  barfoot

  24. I only found today the news of her passing. And am sad. I’ve had the blessing of knowing Sue and Mr. G personally here in France. After they moved back to the U.K. and in view of her health problems, we didn’t meet again, but maintained occasional phone and email contact. I distinctly remember Sue’s first visit. We talked and talked and talked and felt like twins separated at birth … God bless her, what a woman!

    I hesitate to call Mr. G. Can someone ask him, if it’s O.K. that I do?

    • I  am just back from seeing G this morning as it happens (btw he seems ‘ok’-was making himself a bacon sandwich in a spotlessly clean kitchen when i arrived and also finally got around to showing me his boat even ). Sue changed all her phone numbers a couple of months before her death after she was trolled badly . If you’d like to email me your details and phone number I’ll pass them on to G .

  25. A latecomer as usual but then I half-suspected that having decided to take on the Reaper, Anna’s amazing strength of character would have obliged him to concede.

    Anna Raccoon was my favourite blog and I particularly admired Anna’s intelligence, her thorough research and her determination to expose and right injustice. Her forensic analysis of the Jimmy Savile farago was outstanding. That said, the blog that most sticks in my mind was her account of the joy of a fete in a French village. If I recall correctly, it featured a high-wire act that had scant regard for health and safety: Anna’s warm and affectionate writing was sublime.

    Sincere condolences to your family and wherever you are, Anna, keep kicking ass…


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