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      • Heh.


        While I have your attention – regarding your search for pipe baccy – it appears, as has just this moment been drawn to my attention, that it’s not actually totally encompassed by the May ’17 regulations:



        While Pipe Tobacco must adhere to new Tobacco legislation from May 2017 it is exempt from minimum pack sizing and also plain packaging legislation.

        Not sure if relevant to any future posts you feel like making, or drawing Dick’s attention to it…

        • Nice, interesting catch thanks but that is for the UK, Grandad doesn’t inhabit this Septic Isle but the Polish built Emerald Extension next door.

          So the law may be different there. Also the manufacturers of pipe tobacco are probably saving themselves the effort of producing packaging that will only be outlawed next time round (in other words round about next Monday …for the sake of the children..of course).

          • There was a time when pipe tobacco was exempt from the tax increases imposed on cigarettes, on the grounds that pipe smoking isn’t as “harmful”.

            Sadly TBD is correct – Ireland is a law unto itself, and trying to become a “world leader” in smoker persecution.  I can’t find any references to the proposed packaging here.

  1. I’m too tired to take offense today. But I might feel up to taking offense tomorrow. I’ll let you know. (You might have to remind me what I’m supposed to offended about though.)

  2. “Grow a pair of balls and stop whining.”

    Ha! That’s probably worthy of offence, surely – seeing as women can’t do it, men have the advantage of already having done it and male-to-female trans folks actively want to do the opposite – so only the female-to-male trans people can do it!!  You must be – err – non-transphobic, or maybe some-transphobic!

    • I don’t give a flying fuck if I’m some sort of phobic.  I probably am but it’s not anyone else’s business unless I actually do something about it.

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