The Purple Ashtray — 19 Comments

  1. I’d like to join.

    Unfortunately, I’m a bit strapped for cash at the moment, is it OK if I pay you next week (or next month, or next year or after Fat Boy Kim kicks off anyway)?

  2. Now I really have to wonder what kind of “baccy” you’re actually smoking–and whether I can have  some of it?

    And I’d love to become a member of The Most Holy Order of The Purple Ashtray but I don’t know what a TC is. The equivalent of one year’s salary isn’t a problem though since I don’t receive one. Not even an hourly wage. That makes the donation pretty easy doesn’t it?

  3. Yes Penny but who is that bloke in the purple housecoat?

    The war machine springs to life opens up one eager eye focussing it on the sky when the impoverished country that is North Korea somehow someway miniaturises the nuclear warhead the yankees say it has down to fit on its existing missiles which makes one wonder why the damn yankees didn’t think of it first and save themselves a fortune. We only have the military’s word these Armageddon devices will deliver Armageddon and they wouldn’t lie would they?

    I wouldn’t worry the last time a uk sub fired a trident it went the wrong or some would say the right way and flew back towards America before self destroying

  4. “The war machine springs to life opens up one eager eye focussing it on the sky”

    It was better in the original German (ie it made more sense )



  5. I belong to “The Church of the Silver Lighter,” but we don’t wear funny clothes. So far there’s only myself and Zoro the dog and all efforts to entice my two kids into it have failed miserably. They say their devotions in the Church of Material Things and the faith is strong with those two.

    When I’ve taught Zoro to smoke on his own we’ll probably go on the missions and convert the masses. That’s the plan anyhow!

  6. Dear Grandad,

    I’m already a devotee – I read all your posts. The only thing which would be super-helpful for people who cannot think of a comment, or those, like me, that simply accept the Dogma and Creed of your Order of the Purple Ashtray blog – sorry –  MOST Holy Order of the Purple Ashtray blog, would be a ‘Like’ button. This would indicate to you that I had attended Mass!



    • Don’t worry.  Being Omnipotent I know when you visit and appreciate it.  I did try a “like” button, but it caused some problems so I had to remove it again.

  7. I do like the wall hanging in the background! Alas, I’m afraid the purple ashtrays (purple?!) and subscription requirement preclude me from joining your little, er, coterie.

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