On being heartless — 8 Comments

  1. Hi GD,

    bought a car once from a couple who used to go ballroom dancing and apparently the sequinned dress would be laid on the back seat of the car .

    How a few sequins transferred from the rear of the car to the interior of the house is a mystery.Only a few were visible in the rear of the car(and they were duly vacuumed up)

    Suffice to say that the odd sequin was making itself known, sparkling in the carpet pile 12-15 years later.

    Forewarned-forearmed !

  2. Very fond of the old Prosecco meself.

    If you want to upgrade to Champagne, I recommend Ayala. It’s made by Bollinger. Tastes like Bollinger Grand Annee. You can’t tell the difference IMHO. Half the price tho’

    • I was never a wine sort of person, except a) when forced by social occasions or b) when it’s lying around waiting to be drunk.  Herself like a bottle or two so I’ll see if anyone in the area sells Ayala.  Should be worth a few brownie points?

  3. Incidentally have you been following the shenanigans over at the old Ranting Penguin site? Rickie’s in overdrive apparently with teams of people queuing up just to piss him off. Apparently I’ve been leading the charge, although the lack of my nice shiny blue gravatar is a bit of a give away!

    Can’t say he didn’t have it coming can he?

    What became of the old Troll’s Lair site as a matter of interest?

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