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  1. Sounds like a bit of empire building going on. Sir Humphry Appleby would love these blokes. Watch out they don’t bring in the stupid system we have in New South Wales. Here they don’t test for impairment, they test for the presence of THC in saliva which means that people who are no danger to anyone are getting busted. People are being fined for smoking a week ago or more. The politicians and coppers wank on about “community policing”, but with 40% of the population having used cannabis at some time in their life just whos community are they policing exactly? Not the one I live in that’s for sure.

    • Bloody hell!  So they are saying that if I take a toke, that my driving will still be impaired a whole week later?  What kind of shit are you Aussies smoking?  And can you send me some please?

      • “So they are saying that if I take a toke, that my driving will still be impaired a whole week later?”

        That’s the problem GD, they’re not testing for impairment. The offence is “driving with THC in your system”. THC can be detected long after the drug has passed the active stage. It’s got nothing to do with road safety, it’s a way of harassing people who smoke pot.
        The shit smoked here is mostly the same shit that’s smoked the world over these days, high THC Indica plants grown hydroponically. Hash is hard to come by these days. There is a niche market for lower THC Sativa plants grown out doors (my personal preference) which is called “bush grass”. From what I hear there’s lots of Hash over your way, maybe you could send me some?

    • People are being fined for smoking a week ago or more

      That is just wrong and i say that as someone who firmly believes that if you drink or smoke dope you don’t drive. When they make me King Of The World then there will be a 0ml blood alcohol etc law, first strike you lose your licence for a year, 2nd for 5 and a third for life (or you prove you’ve not had a drink in 10 years).

      But after a week? Surely that  contravenes even whatever Constitution/Human Rights Act you have down there? Didn’t I read once that Catholic Priests who spend too long in Church have been found to have THC from the incense in their saliva? Mind you, as most of the Priests I’ve known were alcoholics-‘white wine cum spiritus sanctus’- I suppose a micro amount of THC was the last of their worries when getting pulled over.


      • I agree that people who are impaired shouldn’t be on the road. But that’s the thing they’re booking drivers who aren’t. Same with alcohol here. You can be done for DUI here the next day. The alcohol can still be detected but your driving isn’t impaired. There was a case recently where a young bloke on a provisional license went to sleep at midnight after being on the piss the night before, slept until 6am, had breakfast, then got done for DUI on his way to work because he tested .02. Loss of license for this bloke=loss of job.

        “contravenes even whatever Constitution/Human Rights Act you have down there?”

        LOL. The only right we have here is the right to obey big brother/sister.

  2. Perhaps there should be a solid effort to put more drugged drivers on the road so it’s easier for the police at the road blocks? You could start a campaign or something?

      • Either that or start one of those crowd funding campaigns just for a lark. State exactly what it’s for in the campaign goal description so there’s no doubt that this is just for fun and see how much extra pocket change you can acquire.

        Or maybe not…

  3. We are all pissing in the wind…. its not about rights, its not about the day after impairment, its all about the almighty revenue and how to squeeze more blood out of a rock.  Politicians—– if their lips are moving then they must be lying.

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