ANNA RACCOON NEWS – The Landlady Is Not For Turning — 8 Comments

    • Who? Me? Not Vaping? That’ll be the day……!

      They are highly amused by my devotion to my little toy doggie – I go to sleep clutching him tightly every night; every time I am turned and rolled I clutch him to my bosom as my ‘comfort blanket’ – it never occurs to them that I am making sure that none of them ever pick him up and find out what he is concealing………

      Bastards won’t defeat me!

  1. Stealth e-liquid helps too. All flavours from Jac Vapour. I’d use a higher nic level than normal so one secret vape becomes satisfying. Very little vapour and a nice ‘hit’.

    Love to the Racoon.

  2. Sadly you have summed up this terminal experience very well. I used to read her blog avidly. Please pass on my best regards next time. It is so bloody awful to lose even that last shred of human dignity. Thank you for the reports.

  3. Well writ, T.B.D.  Couldn’t play the gif but have seen it before:  the thought of it made me smile.  Thanks.


    • To those complimenting my writing: strangely enough a heavyweight blogger (maybe one or two notches beneath Guido in terms of influence but with much better diction) contacted me last night to say my writing had made an impression on him too.

      You may leave bouquets in my dressing room, dearies.

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