The Spoon Theory — 14 Comments

  1. Well, I’m a bit younger than you are – but if I sleep for nine or ten hours in one go, I’ll wake up knackered. Never knew why, but there it is. No spoons needed. 😉

    • I’m about the same age as Grandad, and I find that if I sleep for more than six hours, I suffer the following day. Too little sleep (three or four hours) doesn’t really impact on me very much, but too much sleep leaves me feeling listless and groggy all day.

      • I’m about the same age as Grandad  Really?  I thought you were a bit more advanced than thirty?

        So the trick is less sleep?  Damn!  I’ll have to dust off the alarm again.


        • Same here. My body can handle anything I throw at it -caffeine, tannin, nicotine, codeine (you see a linguistic pattern emerging ?) and even on occasions nutrients and vitamins. But more than 6 hours sleep a night and I feel like hammered shite the next day. Actually those clever Germans have a phrase for it ‘ I feel like I have been broken on the wheel’ (harking back to medieval execution methods, they are nothing if not a traditions conscience people).

  2. Sometimes I feel I’m still 24 but it’ s unlikely because I was born in 1949. The problem seems to be just that. A day full of energy and then it all catches up on you. So this week feeling 24, I mowed the grass on Monday – all 110 feet. Then on Tuesday crashed feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. Wednesday and Thursday, having recovered, I fitted two storage radiators – heavy buggers. Now I’m inert on the settee. With luck I’ll be 24 again tomorrow.

    • I have been run over by  truck most days this week [a long story which I have no intention of relating here].  I’m going to take life very quietly for a day or two and hopefully get a couple of short night’s sleep.  I was walking through the garden today and realised that I was actually wading through the lawn, it’s so long.  I never even noticed ’til then.

  3. You’re not alone with the “tap on your heels” feeling. My wife, who is still quite active at her age (she can run circles around me I know that), has episodes of a sudden draining of energy that she describes as “all my energy just ran out of my feet”. And look as I might, I can’t find that tap either.

    As far as I’m concerned, that “tap” broke off awhile ago and it’s been an open pipe ever since. Probably explains my lack of posting.

    • You posted two days ago.  Or are you going to leave it again for another few months?

    • No.  It was definitely a sp and not a b.  She’s not into that Uri Geller stuff, and nor frankly am I.  The only things we bend are the rules.

  4. Perhaps it’s the spoon’s contents rather than the spoon itself?

    A (big, well it’s really a ladle) spoonful of whisky should do it!

    • A ladle would be fine.  Maybe after a couple I could understand the Spoon Theory?

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