Reigning cats and dogs — 11 Comments

  1. From long experience I would make Cat an indoor cat even if it means a litter box with all the lovely cleaning out episodes it includes. Outdoor cats often disappear, get run over by cars and such, come home all torn up and/or with all sorts of diseases and fleas, just to name a few things.

    Indoor cats usually stay healthy, clean, disease and insect free, and only get run over by the dog and the occasional human who didn’t see them when they sneaked behind their legs. They also don’t attract angry neighbors who watched your cat kill all the birds at their bird feeder. Or from your own?

    Just a suggestion from personal experience.

    • Bugger.  I thought those litter/cage cleaning days were over with the departure of the guinea pigs.  I confess to being a little concerned fro the local avian population, as my garden is a great favourite for nesting.

      On the other hand, I do like to sit with the doors to the garden open, or even to open the window occasionally.  Maybe I’ll just tie him to a long rope?

  2. Would you please stop referring to it as Cat.  It has a name.  It’s something like Maloney or McGigglesworth or some such.  Use it’s name please.


    • He is a cat, and therefore Cat is a fairly appropriate name.  His given name is Malone which I find a little strange [the daughter’s cat is called Trouble which is far more appropriate].  Herself keeps trying to call him, which, being a cat, he totally ignores.  As the previous owner was French, Herself even tries calling him Malone in a French accent which is somewhat surreal.  He ignores that too.

    A cat you say? I’m sure you’ve seen these as they’ve been scattered round the Web for years but it may be a good idea to revisit and print them and present them to your good lady for future reference as the need arises. One for medicating and two washing the guy.


    • Thank you for your kind suggestions.  I do remember reading the first of those but the other two are new.  They sound like they are realistic enough from my recent experiences.  I think Cat will have to forgo any pills, but there should be no problem with washing him.  That’s what washing machines are for, surely?  As the inside is made of stainless steel, it should be safe enough.  A wash, spin and tumble dry cycle should do the trick nicely.

      • My tip for medicating Cats; Crush the tablet or pour the sachet into a saucer of a warm milk-honey-and a lot of whiskey. Using your index finger rub the gums with the ‘toddy’ before pouring the rest down the throat…


        …and if all goes ok then try it on the cat.

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