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  1. Granddad, you’ve probably seen this already but incase any of your readers missed it I shall allow myself to repost this comment by Rose, over on FD’s, in full, it really is worth the reading (and read Huepers deposition, he lays down the scientific fact like only a Prussian of his generation could):

    A present for Emily.

    She looks far too young to remember what Boston was like in the days of the industrial smogs.

    Boston Record
    December 30th 1959
    2nd story down

    Lung Cancer Cause
    “A man who has devoted his scientific career to a study of the causes of cancer warns that air pollution is a more important factor than cigarette smoking in the increase of lung cancer.

    He is Dr, Wilhelm C Hueper, chief of the environmental section of the National Cancer Institute at Bethesda, and he makes the significant observation that the upsurge in lung cancer first was noted between 1900 and 1920, several years before the practice of cigarette smoking was widespread.

    Boston, having one of the most serious air pollution in the entire United States, cannot fail to be impressed – and disturbed – by Dr Hueper’s findings.
    We have always suspected that there was a connection between our contaminated air and the fact that tuberculosis is more prevalent in Boston than in any comparable city, and Bethesda studies support that suspicion.

    The next session of the Legislature would do well to pass laws against the needless poisoning of the atmosphere by industrial smokestacks.

    Other places, notably Pittsburgh, have proved the wisdom of screening out the fumes and ashes which currently rain down upon Boston and other cities, damaging human respiratory systems and undoubtedly shortening thousands of lives.
    Enlightened Massachussetts ought to be able to accomplish at least as much in the public interest.”

    Hueper was summoned reluctantly to give testimony in a court case , reading that testimony taught me a lot of things I didn’t know, like “tar” isn’t tar at all it’s more properly called tobacco smoke condensate, how they used statistical tricks to obliterate the huge differences between lung cancer rates in cities and rural areas, it’s a long read but a gold mine of information, naming names as well.



    I admit to taking great delight, when someone goes on about ‘cars polluting the atmosphere’, in prompting them to consider just what is meant by ‘respiratory illnesses’ ….watching them squirm as they try to NOT use the words ‘lung cancer’ or ‘asthma’ ……just after they have told me how many carcinogens are in ‘fine particle dust’….

  2. Hope you like your new electric/peddle car.

    I wouldn’t worry about it though. By the time this actually happens you’ll probably be riding around in one of those electric buses or something.

    To be honest about it though, as far as I’m concerned there comes a point in time when changes like these that are supposed to happen 20 to 30 years down the road are simply not my problem any longer. There’s a good chance I won’t be around when these things actually happen anyway and if I am? I’m probably not going to be in any condition to care.

    Good post material though.

  3. Hi Grandad !
    When you comment on things like this you always sound like you are arguing against something that has been proposed by reasonable people who have just come to the wrong conclusion. Maybe if you set out the facts for them they will come round?
    I’d suggest that they are just outrageous rent seekers, coming out with what their paymasters want to hear. There’s a lot of this goes on: governments (the EU being especially into this) giving funding to NGOs in order for the NGOs to lobby for whatever the gov wanted in the first place.
    Now, I’ve been a lifelong opponent of the death penalty (except of course for politicians), but I’d be happy to see hanging brought back for these folks: we could then have some real bodies to compare with the imaginary 40,000 (or whatever the number is) supposedly littering the roadsides as a result of “car pollution”.
    (Just my opinion, you understand!)

  4. The great thing about the end of the internal combustion engine is that it will wipe out the income of the Saudis and mean there is no more money to fund the poisonous Wahhabism that inspires nutcases to do things like blowing up little girls at concerts in Manchester.

    • ” it will wipe out the income of the Saudis”

      Nope it won’t, infact they probably own the franchise on the super-duper batteries that will suddenly , nay miracously, appear. 30 years ago it would have wiped them out, now it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they, the House Of Saud, are  behind the move to get out of oil.

    • Sorry, but why is the guy telling us that the human made chlorine can’t possibly travel up into the stratosphere – but chlorine from the sea, hurricanes, volcanoes can? Doesn’t make sense to me.

      • What he says is that it is impossible for Freon to get into the stratosphere because it is 4 times heavier than oxygen. The theory was that the chlorine murdering the ozone layer was a product of Freon breaking down in the stratosphere. But if Freon is heavier than air how does it get up there to break down? He also makes the point that the amount of chlorine made by humans is miniscule compared to natural sources.

  5. Morning grandad, Years ago we had electric trolley buses, till the diesel lobby got rid of them. I suppose you could have a similar system now even on the motorways, I have read on yahoo that it takes 7 + kw to make a gallon of petrol so that would free up a lot of electricity by not producing it,I own an electric bike i have had it for18 years and the batteries are about 40% of their capacity but theyre nicads the…. new lithium stuff is very good, and arent they developing a sodium battery……. plenty of sodium in the sea…..     the german in the vid is travelling to work at 47mph on pedal power alone add a bit of electricity and he would break the speed limit… when you and penny go for a spin your hauling 30cwt of steel about …not very efficient is it, some youngster now will think of a good idea, humans were born to solve difficult problems

    • I have nothing against electric vehicles or even pedal powered ones.  They are fine for relatively fine for commuting and city travel.  They do have two very major disadvantages though – they are short range and eventually require a complete battery change.  When they have developed a vehicle that can travel three to four hundred miles without recharging [and pulling a considerable load] and have a motive power capable of lasting around two hundred thousand miles if properly maintained, then this futuristic scenario may become possible.

      As for the German on his bike – fine if he’s fit and healthy and doesn’t care if he is run over by a bus that didn’t even see him!

      • Electric motors are fantastic, During my last few years at work i was amazed that a compressor motor could run 55 hours a week for over twenty five years the compressor part was scrapped but the motor was fine, the compressor part was serviced but not the motor one moving part thats all if you discount the bearings…ive just gone to the aid of my son who,s xtrail rusty exhaust just snapped…. internal combustion engines dont you love them!

  6. Plants on the land, and bacteria in the seas, metabolise extra CO2 BACK into biomass within 5 minutes. Leaving a pre-industrial 2 parts per million CO2 in the air: we get more life, not more CO2 in the air.
    In the Jurassic there was twice the level of CO2 – but 65% more active life on Earth – so sea levels were 60 meters lower.

    All the climate pundits – none has ever explained this.
    The Jurassic had 3 natural ice-ages, one lasting 650 million years: with free CO2 at 8 parts per million. 4 times the level today.
    So the natural global climate started cooling 21 years ago. Only another 6 years until we are back in a natural warming phase.
    All the Global Warming papers were funded by nuclear power – via the funding agencies. But every nuclear power plant needs insurance of 100 billion. They carry just 50 million.
    So national nuclear regulators HAD to issue immediate stop orders in 1984: all nuclear power illegal.
    A 50x1cm steam plasma tube will generate a constant 2.2MW of heat. And 144kW of carbon 0, free heat. From 2×10-12cc of regular water a year.
    1 H2O+TU->He+O+E3+L+X-ray
    Cat got your tongue climate stooges?

    • Err… the CO2 numbers are wrong. Current atmospheric levels are about 400ppm v/v. The rest of your post looks a bit “suspect” too. That said “Global Warming” Doom is a crock of shite 🙂

      • Ooo er missus. That post isn’t mine, harrump. The clue to who is the source is the inclusion of the link.

        I am simply the parrot. The BOLDED bit is of interest in relations to grandads rambling is it not?
        But flying off topic again here’s a bit more from another source again the clue is in the link.
        saveenergy permalink
        May 14, 2016 6:25 pm
        The following summarizes levels of CO2 under various conditions:

        40,000 ppm: The exhaled breath of normal, healthy people.
        8,000 ppm: CO2 standard for submarines
        2,500 ppm: CO2 level in a small hot crowded bar in the city
        1,000 to 2,000 ppm: Historical norms for the earth’s atmosphere over the past 550 million years
        1,000 to 2,000 ppm: The level of CO2 at which plant growers like to keep their greenhouses
        1,000 ppm: Average level in a lecture hall filled with students
        600 ppm: CO2 level in my office with me and my spouse in it
        490 ppm: CO2 level in my office working alone
        400 ppm: Current average outdoor level of CO2 in the air (2016)
        280 ppm: Pre-industrial levels in the air, on the edge of “CO2 famine” for plants
        150 ppm: The point below which most plants die of CO2 starvation

  7. These sort of declarations can be made by the present parliamentarians because by 2040 they’ll be off somewhere counting their ill-gotten gains made from the backhanders they’ve been taking from the global moaning scammers or else dribbling into their bibs in the homes for the criminally insane.

    To ease the problem of the drain on the national grid due to these leccy cars buy a petrol generator. Or would that defeat their plans?  😀  I hope so!!

  8. One thing I keep asking, but never get a cromulent answer to, is what will be taxed (more) to replace the excise duty lost on fuel no longer sold.


    Ditto to when tobacco sales are banned.

  9. I like the irony that we have huge tankers (powered by dirty diesel engines) ferrying coal from Australia to fuel Poolbeg so that Tarquin can plug in his lectric Leaf to this so called clean fuel supply!!!

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