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  1. That’s a real…um…interesting dog you have there. Just loads of entertainment isn’t she? That could be good thing though since having an energetic, just full of fun type dog at this time of your life might be a bit too wearing on the body and soul? Mostly the body actually? 😉

    By the way, do you have any pictures of Penny actually awake?

    • I have just trawled the photo archives but can’t find any.  They are an extreme rarity.

      Herself has one on her Farcebook page, but you know that as you commented on it!

  2. Penny is adorable.  Just look at that cute pic!  She sound like the perfect pet, too – all the advantages of having a dog (because she is one), but all the advantages of having a cat, too, because she behaves just like one!

    • Penny has just two small flaws.  She insists on dumping crap all over the front driveway gravel which means everyone has to do a wee dance when they come in, and she insists on sleeping on my bed so we spend the night fighting for space.  Haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in years.

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