Musical interludes — 4 Comments

  1. Ha! I didn’t even have the sound on and I thought it was funny as hell. I’ll have to take a quick run to the bathroom before I try the musical interlude with the speakers actually turned on.

    And may your life shortly return to it’s usual quiet norm.


    Granddad, we have spoken before about ZXSpectrums and as it happens someone offered me the other day this: a Speccy in supposedly good condition with a printer! Unfortunately I know damn well that if I were to take them myself that they would then sit in the Cupboard Of Doom for the next 5 years and that every computer museum in the land already has enough of the things. It looks to me like an original 16k one although I haven’t seen it IRL.

    So if anyone of your commentators or yourself would like them for the cost of whatever they take to post then please email me -jacquesketch AT Gee-male dotty con.

    There is also a Gateway 5300 Solo ‘laptop’ (still runs off floppies!) up for grabs .

    • Dammit!  I am very sorely tempted, but I have to be sensible and pass on the offer.

      Anyone else?  It’s a bargain!

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