1. I believe her about the silk sheets – frictionless! She is telling the truth. Love to her please…..

    • Apparently they were invented by the parent of someone who was paralysed. they work by having silk panels in opposite directions, and it is very simple for two people to pull on one silk panel which slides against the other with no effort and pulls the patient into  a sitting position or can be twisted sideways to pull someone diagonally across the bed – they were so successful that the lady now has a company supplying the NHS – and good for her. They are called Wendy Letts – and complete set is indeed £400 – and of course you have to have two sets for washing purposes.

      They are also much more comfortable for the patient than being hauled around by hand. Yet another example of the NHS providing everything you could possibly need.

      As for that magnificent young lady in her flying machine – well I am getting used to it – reluctantly……

      It was good to see BlockedDwarf who yet again taught me something – ‘the Queens messengers’ – never heard of them, but he had of course. Look them up. Fascinating. 1000 years of history and they still have a function today. BD has an incredible mind which never fails to educate me.

      Cheers everyone I am on youtube now – hideously embarrassed by my appearance, the tumours in my neck look like rolls of fat and I am convinced that everyone must think I am 20 stone – who would imagine that vanity would rear her ugly head when I have so much else to worry about – but it does, it does…….


      • BD has an incredible mind


        No BD doesn’t. But BD was the undisputed “Abergavenny & Llan*insert scrabble word -triple score here* Trivial Pursuit Whilst Off Head On Skag” Champion for an evening in his youth. Can’t recall what I made for dinner last night but the every word to the Whitbread “Ivan Skavinsky  Skavar/Abdul Abulbul Amir” ads with Steven Fry….

      • Anna,

        Thank you for sharing the video.  I am glad BD keeps us updated.  You are an incredibly beautiful soul.

  2. Re my earlier comment: AR has just tweeted: “Ms Raccoon has just been interviewed by the BBC for Look East – should 6.30pm tonight or tomorrow night – on the NHS £56B litigation fund.”

    For the Irish among us, “Look East” is the ‘rabbit breeder daily’ BBC programme of ‘Local Noos’ after the 18:00 national news. Like ‘The One Show’ but with WI Fetes, Jam and Farmyard animals a plenty.

  3. Thanks for the excellent update Mr Dwarf, and best wishes to you Mrs Landlady: it’s so nice that you are still with us and confounding the quacks 🙂

    I’ve copied the embiggened photo of Mr G’s bench with a mind to making something similar when I have the time.

    Also, love the use of the word “gotten”. Not sure if it was originally an English word, now surviving only in Merkin or whether it was invented there. Either way, it adds something to the language.

    • I had no idea that ‘gotten’ is not used in GB English: As past participles of get, got and gotten both date back to Middle English. The form gotten is not used in British English but is very common in North American English. In North American English, got and gotten are not identical in use. Gotten usually implies the process of obtaining something, as in he had gotten us tickets for the show, while got implies the state of possession or ownership, as in I haven’t got any money”. I have never lived in the US and although I have acquired several American words from long years on the internet (for example I say, IRL, ‘ATM’ and ‘Cellphone’) I don’t recall ever having learnt ‘gotten’. Perhaps from the GIs I sometimes had contact with in Germany? I am mystified. Truly and can only apologise to my fellow limeys.

      • AND Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.” Genesis Chapter 4 Verse 1, King James Version of the Bible, 1611

        American English is of great antiquity!


  4. TBD thanks for writing these informative and well written posts.

    So glad to hear Anna is back in that brilliant room Mr G built and getting some enjoyment of the view.

    Please pass on my best to the both of them.

    And also well done on being a good friend to them.

    • And also well done on being a good friend to them.

      She was saying something similar about you the other day as it happens (don’t worry, that was all she would say about one of her friends to another- even these days she keeps her friends ‘compartmentalized’. I know nothing about you beyond what you’ve told me yourself and I have already forgotten…it’s an alcoholic’s thing).

  5. For those who can’t access BBC Iplayer from abroad, here AR’s TV interview yesterday evening:


    I was going to write a 2nd post about her mental state etc but to be honest anyone who watches that vid and then still has their doubts as to her lucidity and clarity of thought , won’t be convinced by my witterings.

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