The end of the world is nigh again — 5 Comments

    • I’ll drink to that.  Some day in the near future a study is going to discover that the secret to a long life is to ignore all studies.

  1. The people who produce these studies are beyond contempt. Grant, what grant?

  2. I’ve seen this headline or the likes of it splashed around the more popular on-line news sites. And to a point it’s true enough. There’s a whole lot of species that have…er…gone the way of the buffalo or perhaps the dodo bird would be a better example? And it’s certainly true that us humans bear the brunt of the reason why.

    Perhaps we should become extinct instead? It would probably do the world a whole lot of  good but then we’d hardly be around to enjoy it would we?

  3. If we were to follow all this to a logical conclusion, would we all end up living along the lines Pol Pot, had in mind. The only pollution coming from our cooking fires, can you get second hand smoke from a cooking fire,but only if it’s inside,was he against windows and doors,all this is making my brain sore.Outside of killing people was Pol Pot the ultimate green politician?

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