The Fly — 7 Comments

    • That’s Fruit Flies dammit!  I didn’t say nothing about no Fruit Flies.

      I was going to say that she could eat my banana any day, but then thought that comment would be tasteless and offensive, so I didn’t.

  1. I had a similar experience with a wasp this morning. Bastard got into the house so I had to herd it back outside. It was such a nice day the wife and I decided to sit outside on the deck only to find yellow jackets circling around our sitting area. Funny, they weren’t there yesterday. Found a new nest under a small plastic table next to her chair. Out came the shooter (can of long distance wasp and hornet spray).

    Wasps and yellow jackets I handle. Flies get eaten by the cats.

    • Normally Penny dispatches all flies with gusto [and a sprinkle of salt].  Like myself, she wasn’t fully awake though.

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