The needle in the hedge stack — 7 Comments

  1. I was going to comment that mains electric ones are the lightest of the options, but you bought a heavy example anyway.

    (I have one like yours too)

    • It is heavy and very badly balanced, with all the weight at the top business end.  However it is remarkably easy to use and not half as tiring as I feared.  I do have some pretty high hedges and was sick of teetering on top of a wonkey old ladder, so hedge cutting is a hell of a lot easier and faster now.   Provided those fucking 4x4s keep clear of me……

  2. There has to be a reason why you’ve survived as long as you have, ‘elf and safety defiance notwithstanding. Long may you continue to entertain us!

    • I am in possession of a commodity that is incredibly rare these days – it’s called Common Sense.  Hand me a smashed plug and socket, and I will just make sure not to touch any of the metal bits.  Surely I don’t need a warning for something so fucking obvious?

  3. I have the same problems with my hedge, luckily a mate of mine has just started doing a course in horticulture, and so he turns up one day in April with a car full of gear, petrol strimmer with a different head for hedge clippers, and a big fuck-off yolk/angled stick thingy, took 4 hours, but he got £40 and a pint!

    • You should have given me a shout.  I would have done the job for £1 and 40 pints.

  4. I have a beast of a straight shaft weed whacker (trimmer) with a 4-stroke engine that can take all sorts of attachments including a hedge trimmer like the one on the end of your hedge trimmer. Unfortunately my cedar hedge is only about 6 feet high so perhaps I should let it go for a few years?

    And what’s a 4×4 cam?

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