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  1. Ok I’m using …


    I’m lying on my back.  On my bed.  In my bedroom with the laptop propped up on my thighs.

    I’m using Firefox 53.0.3 for linux.

    Ambient temp. is about 70DEGF / 21DEGC

    Location is about 41DEG North by about 75 DEG West

    I’m right handed

    I have green eyes and when I get stoned I call them my christmas trees, being all bloodshot and green.

    Well I can’t think of any thing else that would be relative to viewing your web site.

    It looks fine from here.

    • Dammit Man!  You forgot to include your shoe size.  Very important factor……

  2. “Discovered I had missed a couple of folders in my backing up. ”

    I would laugh and poke fun at the silly old man forgetting to back up his backups and then cloud them ..but I’ve been there myself too often to find it at all funny.  Even worse though is fixing a laptop for family, having asked them in BIG FONT : “HAVE YOU TAKEN OFF EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KEEP? Are your back ups up to date ?” then format c:ing and reinstalling Windows only to have the bastards ask ‘B-b-but what have you done with all the photos of Aunty Beryl’s last barbecue before she choked to death on a bit of green tea infused salmon and lemon grass?!?!’

    As they say down Bethnal Green “Claret is imminent!”


    and I tend to view in Firedfucks btw….and while the background renders fine it does still look like used toilet paper, if you paid money-real actual money-for ‘Vellum’ you was robbed.

    • Heck, I can’t even remember what the site was like before you turned the content background white so I guess it was fine for me (Firefox and Chrome). The only problem for me is that your buttons at the top of the comment field have disappeared again for the main comment. Or perhaps they’re just playing hide and seek? I’ll have to see if they reappear after I post this comment.

      Oh, and I noticed the “Notify me of follow up comments via email” check box is back. Working in the engine room again?

      And I’m wimping out on the clean install of Mint 18.2 and waiting for the upgrade path to appear in the update manager.

      • Yup, the buttons are back and not just for the reply comment but the main comment field as well. Go figure.

        • I had been intending to do a drop of tidying anyway to get rid of crud, and seeing as Clem generously provided me with 18.2, this seemed as good a time as any.  I had a load of programmes that I had installed and wasn’t using and a fresh install is the simplest way to do it.

    • If I paid real money?  What do you take me for?  I stuck it in because I thought the place looked a bit bland [remember Geocities?] and I think it looks a bit classier.

      There was only one file I was really concerned about, and then remembered I had the essential information stored in another file which I had backed up.  Happy days.

      • You might have gotten a slightly weird email from me last night, I apologise…I was still reeling from the effects of the tobacco in question…that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. Looking at my ‘outbox’ this morning in the cold light of a Norfolk midday I can’t imagine why I thought either you or Nisaki would be overly interested in my brainfartyness at ten oclock at night.


        • Don’t worry.  It happens to me nearly every day.  I can always tell when because the results appear on this site.  I look back and think “Fuck! Did I write that?”

  3. Running Firefox54.0 64bit for Linux Mint. Working OK.

    After you update (or upgrade) run “Ubuntu Tweak”. Go to janitor, and you can clean

    out all the unnecessary crap left behind. I upgraded from 17.something to 18.1 without

    re-installing and after running tweak about 20 times I have what I think is a clean(ish) drive.

    It’s  in Linux Mint Software Portal

    Hope this helps.

    • That looks like it would be an interesting piece of kit.  Unfortunately it seems to have been scrapped.  It certainly isn’t in the repositories [nor is Skype!].  An alternative is Bleachbit [which is in the repositories].

      The problem was the number of programmes I had installed and couldn’t remember which ones they were, combined with a massive amount of junk [some of which was essential or at least important] in my Home partition.  That partition [500Gb] was damn near full!  I now have around 400Gb spare to play with.  😀

  4. Great to see you’ve made the background to your posts plain again, I struggled to read against that vellum background. (I just opened up Developer Tools though and removed the offending styling, but not convenient long term.) I use a bunch of browsers but mainly Firefox and Chrome.


    • I honestly don’t know quite what happened there.  I originally made the background white with a small level of opaqueness so the a hint of texture showed through.  It worked fine on my machine here, and on a test server.  I removed the opaque element and made it solid white which seems to have cured it.  The only thing I can think of is that some browsers translated “opaque” into “transparent”!

      • Well your sidebar looks fine on my browser so perhaps some inheritance issues. Might also have been a cacheing issue; I wouldn’t even want to guess the number of times I’ve been chasing my own tail, trying to fix a CSS issue, only to realise the browser has cached it and I’ve gone and totally buggered my CSS.

      • Ta. Perfect clarity now restored in Firefox. And I do know “youse are getting incredibly brilliant writing for nothing”. I just wanted to be able to continue reading those words of wisdom.

    • Never heard of Midori before.  😐

      I have installed it and it works with no problems.  Tried everything to break the connection, but it insists on loading properly.


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