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  1. .Joan was the first female leader of the Labour Party, which was founded in 1912 by Connolly and Larkin. It was fitting, therefore, that she presided at the centenary of the 1916 Rebellion commemoration at Arbour Hill, Dublin.-taken from Irish Labour website

    Quite how someone can be imprisoned by a mob when surrounded by half Dublin’s police force I don’t know, but the claim was made.-Granddad

    In case anyone doesn’t know, both Larkin and Connolly knew a bit about real ‘false imprisonment’, indeed Larkin risked his life & freedom to give a speech despite police baton charges, had to flee to America and was then falsely imprisoned there for his commie beliefs.  Connolly ended up looking down the wrong ends of several Lee Enfield rifles. Such a worthy successor your Screecher is, to be sure.

    Right or wrong, these were men who risked everything and would have considered a few years in a brit goal as nothing more than a chance, finally, to mentally compose their next book (I say ‘mentally compose’ because the Brits probably would have know better than to give such men access to paper and pen).

    Did no one point out to Joannnnnnneeeeee that her actions were an insult to the memory of every single one of those who died in ’16, to the hundreds genuinely falsely imprisoned by their British overlords?


  2. I did a Google image search on this Joan Burton. Good god I wish I hadn’t. If she really tends to screech when she speaks I can’t imagine the affect on people.

    Here in the states I’ve been paying water and sewer charge ever since we bought our house in 2010. Then again, the water and sewer systems are provided by the town/city rather than a private enterprise. In these cases, if you don’t want to pay these charges then you can dig/drill a well and put in a septic system. That is if you have enough land to do so. Guess it’s all what you’re used to.

  3. Will you quit farting about with the background on your site.


    It looks like the skin of a very old person with age blots all over.



      • A right pair of smart arses.

        It is supposed to be vellum.

        Though actually it’s a photograph of wallpaper saturated with third hand smoke.

        I like it.

        • Makes your eruditeness difficult to read though GD. 🙁  Or have you bought shares in Specsavers? 🙂

        • Have just spent 10 minutes trying (to no avail) to adjust the page contrast. If you are determined to use the dirty vellum, please make the text colour something legible. Pretty please.

          • What the hell….. ??

            It’s fine on my laptop [Firefox] – a very light grey with a modicum of transparency [8% if you must know].  Even Herself loves it which is exceptionally rare.

            *sigh*  I have changed the background to pure white.

            What browsers are you lot using?

            • That’s better! Black on white much easier on the old peepers. Tasteful bit of vellum in the background. Nice!

              Very light grey?  Erm nope!  Short of having a paint chart handy, it’s medium ochre with sepia  splodges on this ‘ere mac.

          • Yeah no offense Grandad but it’s awful, very difficult to read, especially when a dark spot is under the text, not good fella.

            Ah that’s better!

            Mine was like it on Google Chrome and Opera, didn’t check any other browsers.

  4. A member of The Elite “terrified for her very life”. The accused terrifiers  “Not guilty on all counts”. That’s what I call a feel good story GD. Justice done.

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