Having trouble with my box — 12 Comments

  1. Being the technonerd that I am, I managed to scrounge up (alright, given a freebie) a DS114+ from work about 18 months ago. It lacks a bit in the power department when trying to watch two different videos in sparkly 720p, but it works. I mean, it’s got green lights on it. So it must working, right?

    • Green lights?  Mine has blue ones.  When I plug a drive into a port the blue light may or may not come on.  If it does come on, then I may or may not be able to see the drive.  Usually inserting or removing a drive causes all other drives to be disconnected which usually means a reboot and another wasted fifteen minutes.  Sometimes everything works until I try to copy a file to a drive when the whole loot will probably collapse again.

      As I said – fucking temperamental.

      • Doesn’t it make you glad that you live in this world of such advanced technology, GD?

        But look on the bright side – twenty odd years ago you would have had thousands upon thousands of floppy discs to sort through, and to watch a movie (low res), would have meant jumping up from the sofa about 700 times to change the disc during the course of the movie. That’s about every seven seconds or so. And your 1 terabyte HDD would have required 728,177,000 floppies.

        See? You can put a positive spin on everything if you approach it in the right way. 🙂

        • You could have a point.

          Jut imagine – a really gripping film and you suddenly discover that floppy #639 is corrupted or missing?

  2. I thought you had suddenly taken up cricket and were struggling to adjust your dress!

  3. It depends what TV you have GD, but if it has USB sockets you don’t need any box as interface. I have a 500GB laptop drive in an external USB casing (about £10 from Maplin or PC World) and it has all my movies (about 280 of them in mp4 format) and music collection. This is just connected to the TV set and the TV has the media player built in. Alternatively you could use USB memory sticks and swap them around, the equivalent of inserting a CD to watch a movie.

    • And therein lies the problem.  My telly has sockets for just about everything except USB.

  4. “I spent the morning tearing my hair out.”Know that feeling…that sick feeling when I discovered recently that drop-Pox had deleted my entire 100+ gigs of photos…deleted them without so much as a ‘by your leave’ ( and yes before evil tongues suggest otherwise, I had paid the bill). All the photos I had spent a couple of winters scanning in. Fortunately, assisted by Mint linux I managed to ‘undelete’ them all ONE BY ONE cos drop-pox’s ‘restore all’ function doesn’t work. Then I had to download them ONE BY FUCKING ONE cos, you guessed it, drop-pox doesn’t have a ‘download everything’ function worth the name. Now i just have to finally get around to re-upping them somewhere safe, nay ‘bullet proof’ even.Data security? Don’t make me laugh

  5. Sounds like Iomega alright. I recall my own ancient history when Iomega brought out the USB connected ZIP Drive (1994 or thereabout). It took 100MB disks and was just the bee’s knees, outdoing all other new-on-market USB external drives. They came in 2 models, one for external portable use and another type for internal installation. People, both personal and professional, were buying these things up and storing all types of important transferable files on them and everything was wonderful until…

    “Click Death” arrived.

    That’s what it was called when your wonderful ZIP drive started clicking quietly away to itself while it systematically destroyed your data and itself as well. No fix available and the ZIP drive disappeared into the technical abyss.

    Didn’t know Iomega was still in business.

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