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  1. You know, there’s a simple answer to this plain packaging bollocks, and all it takes is a little bit of lateral thinking and a spot of simple chemistry.Packets of ciggies are sold packed in cellophane, with the opening strip going around the middle. The trademark and all the health warning bollocks is printed on the packet, but the law states that all of this plus plain packaging must exist at the point of sale.So, firstly you print all of this on the cellophane wrapper, with a normal ciggie packet under all of this.Secondly, you rotate the direction of the opening strip by 90 degrees, so it runs top to bottom on the packet. When you open the packet under this scheme, you have to rip off all the cellophane to get at the ciggies.When you do this, the plain packaging and health porn gets ripped off with the cellophane, leaving the proper packet underneath visible. As this all happens after the ciggies have been bought, the law cannot care (although the nannying fuckwits most certainly will care, extremely noisily, too.Thus the law can be obeyed AND the health morons annoyed all in one go.

    • Nice thought, but you’re forgetting we’re dealing with health nazis’ propaganda, not with consumer information in a democracy.

      ##Member States shall ensure that the health warnings on a unit packet and any outside packaging are irremovably printed, indelible and fully visible, including not being partially or totally hidden or interrupted by tax stamps, price marks, security features, wrappers, jackets, boxes, or other items, when tobacco products are placed on the market##

      The above is quoted from the Directive

      • Of course, there’s an easy way out of this BS: personally, when I receive an order of pipe tobacco/cigars, I spend 5-10 min to remove the stickers where possible. If they are printed on, then I just use a black marker pen to cross out all the propaganda. Another option is to transfer the content in non branded 50g or 100g tins (which can be bought for £1-2 apiece) or airtight jars.

        • My baccy goes straight into a leather pouch and the original goes in the bin where it belongs.  [The non-recycling bin, naturally as I wouldn’t want it reused in any shape or form.]

      • ##Member States shall ensure that the health warnings blah blah defuckinblah

        and yet the entire packet covered in pathologist porn is then hidden, concealed and removed in it’s entirety from sight by the sliding panzer steel, lead lined, blast doors?

        Joined up thinking at it’s finest…when the bomb drops, the cockroaches are going be so pleased they can still get their B&H. We may all die in the Nuclear Winter but the cigarettes will be safer than those government officials hidiing in their bunkers.

  2. They should put a bonnier picture on the new govt-approved packet.

  3. Last year, terrified that one day the tobacco supply will suddenly cease, I grew some Nicotiana in my garden. They smell lovely at night, and I saved the leaves and dried them in my greenhouse. They probably have a very low nicotine content, but I found puffing them in my pipe quite pleasant and reassuring. Trouble is, they smell just like a bonfire. I would welcome info on ways of making them smell like proper tobacco.

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