The blissful sound of silence — 11 Comments

  1. Don’t stare at the screen, stare at the webcam. It looks to them like you are looking at them and you don’t have to look at them

    • That’s as bad as staring at the numbers in a lift.  I like to let my eyes wander.  It makes me look disinterested, but then maybe I am?

  2. “I suppose the bottom line is that I like to communicate in silence.” If only our current president would do that…

  3. Skype have told me I’m no longer compatible with them from July.  Oh dear.

    • Yes, and no 32 bit replacement for the Linux version. So I guess bye-bye Skype (now owned by M$).

      • The new version they brought out is a sort of plugin [or it is on Firefox anyway].

        It works, I think but I don’t particularly like it.

        But then I wasn’t too keen on the old one either.

    • I’d have to somehow bend the top of my laptop screen at right angles to achieve that.  I doubt the lid would close properly after that?

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