Grandad unplugged — 6 Comments

  1. Not a whiff of Condor, nor any other pipe baccy either. 

    What, no Dr Pat Irish Mixture,no Erinmore Flake.

  2. You could probably find ‘Old Holborn’ rolling tobacco (if in Eire it be sold at all) to your taste . It is somewhat akin to the aromatic pipe or ‘Lakeland style’ tobaccos you prefer (tonka beans, rose water, geranium oil etc). If you find it burns too quickly you could always compress it into a block yourself- I’d try a weighty tome , perhaps the collected rantings of Colonel Mad Dog Gadaffi Duck on a bread board over night as a ‘press’. Although I use very fine cut tobacco (even says on the tin ‘for pipe or cigarette) in my own pipe without problem, just compress it slightly more in the bowl.

    You’ve checked the online tobacconists in Ireland to see if they will deliver you, and can deliver unto you for shiny punts, in future?

    • I hadn’t thought of it but I could put in an order for groceries and include a few packs of baccy but then I’d have to wait ’til the next day.  And I am well stocked up on groceries anyway.  Buying online is a way to go but then I’d have to pay postage on top of all that tax.  Am I not paying enough already?

  3. Similar Condor famine in England cupla months ago while they arranged extra size healthist porn on the packets. Now back to normal except for the increased porn level.

    • Yes, I have a feeling that’s what may be going on.  The daughter was complaining yesterday that her rollie tobacco has suddenly increased to double its size and double the price.  She couldn’t see the logic so I had to sit her down and explain the logic: that there isn’t any, except to encourage her to smoke more.

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