Ireland becomes a monarchy — 9 Comments

  1. I’m underwhelmed by newspaper headlines proclaiming a Modern Ireland on the election of Vardakar as leader of FG. Our politics will modernise when the two centrist parties that have dominated the mainstream system since the 1920s are forced by electoral mathematics into a formal coalition. My personal strategy in the meantime is to vote for independent candidates. It’s my modest way of contributing to hung parliaments.

    • Seeing as the choice always seems to be one of whether you’d prefer to be stabbed in the back or shot in the back, I politely refrain.  Either that or vote for someone outlandish.

      • Yes, I was devastated when Screaming Lord Sutch died, because along with him died The Monster Raving Loony party, the only party in the UK worth voting for to my mind.

        • If only we had any party here that was different from the mainstream, I’d be tempted to vote.

  2. Voting for the least worst seems to be the new norm.  I suppose openly gay is better than a closet one.  If the world continues down the PC-ists road to destruction in a few decades we’ll be having closet heteros?

      • If the ‘progressives’ get their way, it won’t be long before heterosexuals are a minority group. They’re doing their damnedest to convince all the kids in school that what they really want is to be a trans-something-or-other. The indoctrination is relentless.

        • I see all our universities here are switching to “non-gender specific toilets”.  For fucks sake!

      • Aye Grandad!  Sign me up for a lifetime membership, please!

        And don’t get me started on that trans-toilet nonsense.  Grrrr!

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